Guess what happened this week?

Who is like unto God?   Every time the name Michael is spoken that question is asked.  The name Michael is a declaration that in all creation there is none like God.  Our goal is to know this God who has no comparison.  The purpose of our lives on this earth is to go to the heights or ascend to God.  The biblical name Eli means to ascend, lift up, go to the heights.   Stick with me here because I have a purpose behind this Hebrew name lesson.  I’m announcing my grandson, Eli Michael Womack. 

I’m singing his name with a grateful heart:  Eli Michael.  That precious little creation of God is already beautiful to our family.  What a delight to serve the God who blesses us with new life.  Babies are a constant reminder of His Grace. 

As we celebrated Veteran’s Day, my wonderful husband’s birthday and the announcement of our grandson, I end this week humbled by His goodness.  How about you?  How has God moved in your life this week?  There is no better way to build our faith than to acknowledge His hand at work in our lives.  I’m anxious to read your posts each and every Friday.


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  1. Starr Wisniewski | Reply

    Praise the Lord Sheila for the wonderful news of another one of God’s precious miracles. The name says it all and how moving your explanation was.

    My life has been transformed since even barely touching the surface of what you posted on the 15th. I’ve given my life over to the Lord and he has blessed me in ways I could have never imagined. Yes, you’ve again placed upon my heart there is so much more time I can and will be giving him. You inspire me but more importantly God uses you to truly continue to mold me as I am the clay and He is the Potter.

    I will say he’s doing a mighty work in the Women’s ministry at Gateway. It’s almost more than I can handle emotionally and spiritually at times – it has changed my life. We are having our big Christmas event this Saturday and the doors he has opened and the women he has called to be there all I can say is I stand in awe of him. He opened up the doors for Mary Kaye Wonner to be the special speaker and also sing, so you can imagine how God will truly be at work in that room and will give each lady present the blessing he wants for them.

    May God continue to bless you as you’ve blessed me,

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