Who is your life?

I’ve often known I was different.  Until now, I would have considered that a bad thing.  But I have had a revelation.  As I was doing my morning routine, this thought occurred to me.  Most people get up early so they can have their ‘quiet time’ or devotions with the Lord before they go off to their work or get on with their life.  That’s not me.  For the past several years, I get up and get all that busy stuff out-of-the-way–cleaning house, emails, networking, current events, and ministry chores from my To-do lists.  (Yes, I have more than one list.)  The entire time I’m rushing through these daily duties so that I can get to my real Life, my work. You see,  I made a choice years ago that Jesus was my Life.  My work was to sit at His feet for hours each day to praise, intercede, and learn His Truth.

I am asked so often how a person can ‘work’ prayer and Bible time into their schedule.  Before my revelation, I told them we should give God our best time of the day and encouraged them to pray at least an hour a day.  But in these answers, I have so often missed the mark.  Teachers of prayer must be careful not to mislead believers to take the Almighty God of the Universe and schedule Him into a time slot of our busy lives.  This never works because He is not reducible or controllable.

In my early Christian years, I considered God something to add to my life.  Therefore I’d get up early and rush through my devotional readings, prayer lists, and Bible studies so that I could get on with the chores of my day.  I was never fulfilled, content, peaceful, or maturing.  But after encountering Him during a time of brokenness, I realized it’s either all of Him or none.  He either deserved all my allegiance or I’d give Him none.  I have never been one who can walk a fence.  So at that time I made a choice that Jesus would be my Life, my Work, or simply ‘the only reason I get up each day’.  I started seeing everything else as an interference to my Life.  It was a gradual change as I had many responsibilities that had to be released.  God showed me how He had enough gifted workers in His church and communities that I did not have to do everything.  I’m only accountable for His perfect will for my life.

The question you may be asking: Is is possible to have Jesus as your Work, your Life and be a stay home mom of preschoolers, a single working mom, or a husband working to support his family?  The answer is a resounding yes.  Jesus set the example.  He did only what He saw His Father doing yet His days were more challenging than any we have endured.  Paul often worked his tentmaking job and evangelized full-time.  Most people who look at my to-do lists wonder how I complete everything and remain sane.  My husband pastors full-time, attends seminary, offers financial advice and training in the business world, and continues to be the best husband and father any family could need.  It is possible to accomplish His perfect will for our lives and not be discouraged, defeated, stressed, or burned-out.  The answer is your choice.  Have you chosen to allow Jesus to be your Life?  Do you see everything else as second to Him?

Let me encourage you to consider this choice.  I have two assignments for you this week.  First, make a list of the ‘hats’ you wear each day.  Include in this list the jobs, ministries and chores that occupy your hours.  Be sure to include your recreational activities.  After you’ve completed this list then begin to pray over it asking the Holy Spirit to show you the things that are His will for your life.  Yes, moms you must continue to change diapers and feed your family.  Men and single moms, you will need to support your family financially.  But for most there will be things on the list that are not God’s will but extras we feel pressured from the world to achieve.  Let Him show you.  Secondly, as you pray ask God to create in you the passion to give up everything that interferes with Him being your Life.

In the coming weeks, I am going to use my Monday posts to introduce you to Jesus’s names and attributes.  My purpose being that you will see how He is the Greatest Life you could ever experience and everything else will become a worthless interference.


2 responses

  1. I totally know what you mean. I do this too. Amen. Love you friend!

  2. Mike’s sermon this week was a beautiful message that spoke of what I wrote here. I recommend everyone go listen. http://www.morristowncf.com and the sermon date is November 21,2010. Enjoy!

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