Guess what happened to me this week?

I’m looking back through my memories and feeling a sweet contentment.  It was an average week with only a few things that arose from the drudgery of daily life in Morristown.  After my morning bike rides, I still had enough energy to complete all my gardening chores.   I renewed friendships at the AZ SBC annual meeting today.  Tuesday, I subbed in the second grade  and was pleased that they didn’t stump me with questions I couldn’t answer.  I succeeded in eliminating every item off one to-do list.  My website launched and I’m still wondering how I entered this world of blogging, tweets, and websites.    

There were countless little blessings  but one stands out as a “I’ll never forget this for as long as I live” blessing.  This past Sunday, my pastor husband closed his message with a dedication to my first book.  He said some sweet things and I appreciate them.  But it was the way he said them that mattered most.  He cried.  His heart was so tender, he had a hard time getting the words out.  Of course, the epidemic of tears soon spread throughout the congregation, especially in the women.  The closing words of the service were drowned out by the sniffling noses.  It brings a smile to my face just thinking about it.  Every woman loves  a man who loves deeply.  I am truly blessed.

Mike was sharing a message about Legacy and his main point of bringing my book into it was that my future grandchildren will know their great-grandma through my written words.  My heart is on every page.  The book is not beautifully written but it showcases my passion for prayer.  One of the new believers in my Monday Bible study has just begun to read the book.  She shared, “I can hear you on every page.  It truly will be a legacy to your children’s children.”   I didn’t write it with that in mind.   But then, doesn’t God always promise to do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine?  He never ceases to amaze me. 

Have you had an immeasurably more moment?  Please share.  He deserves the praise.


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  1. Thanks, Shelia, for your wonderful words! I love reading them. I am always in amazement of how our God has time for me….nobody me. He literally has a universe to run but he intimately knows my comings/goings and thoughts…wow! What a wonderful God we serve AND what wonderful husbands we married! thanks, Shelia…blessings to you, girly!

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