Are you needy? Part 1

Will you expect something you don’t want and will you want something you don’t need?

Within that question I can find two components necessary to hearing the voice of God.  My previous Wednesday post briefly addressed the first which I called expectation.  I shared how in order to hear God we must first expect He will speak.  Next we must realize that most often His words and ways are not what we would ever expect in our preconceived ideals.  Therefore, expect the unexpected would be a good summary statement so far.  But today’s question adds a bit of challenge to the concept of expecting.  Will you expect something you don’t really want?

I think I’ll make up some bloggers for examples, consider the following.

Comfy Connie says:  I feel I have no need to change my life.  I’m happy just the way I am.  I have friends who entertain me, an income to meet my needs, and family who satisfy me.  My life is good and I don’t want to mess it up.  I serve in church.  I attend faithfully.  I’m a good Christian.  What more could there be?

Controlling Cathy writes:  I have my life in order.  My days are routined and I can keep it all under control.  This is the way I like it.  I want to make my own decisions and know exactly what each day brings.

Stuffed Stan thinks:  I have every commentary known to man.  I study what I want and when I want.  If I have a question, I know my Bible software will give me an answer.  Besides that, I listen to all my favorite teachers and they give me exactly what I want to hear.

Confident Carl posts:  I have access to everything I will ever need.  All around me I have professions who will supply my every need.  It’s like living in the yellow pages.  The instant I need, I pick up the phone, pay the fee and I’m certain to get a quick fix.  A few dollars and a little know-how will get my every need met.

Just-enough Jason says:  I’ve watched those fanatical Christians and I don’t want any of that.  They can have that praying life.  I just want an hour a week.  As long as the pastor is making me feel good, the church people are making me feel welcome, and no one pressures me for more, then that’s enough.  The second anyone starts telling me I’m to give more, then I’m out of there.  There’s always another church just around the corner.

Overloaded Ollie writes:  I’m barely making it as I am.  Don’t tell me that I have to do more.  I can’t work prayer into my day.  I don’t have time for Bible study.  I’m keeping my head above water and as long as I don’t drown then I’ll consider my life a success.

Rebel Ralph says:  Why would I ask God anything?  He never says what I want to hear.

I’m having so much fun I hate to stop.  But I will to allow you time to make up a few of your own.  Please post them so that they can challenge us all to reflect upon the condition of our hearts.  The human heart lacks no excuse for refusing to seek God.  We can easily convince ourselves we don’t need Him.  Most of us will never admit it but our lifestyles  reveal our true nature.  We create comfort zones that self-protect us.  To step outside of those walls would cause a sense of need, a vulnerablity, or a desparation for which we have no desire.

We’ll stop here today and pick up next week.  I’m looking forward to reading your pretend bloggers.


2 responses

  1. cautious carmine: writes….i was raised in church, my parents made me go every sunday & i hated going to church. i am a grown up now and can make my own decisions now, besides its silly to go to church when you can feel God in any building. Those people are a bunch of hypocrites anyway….

    1. Thanks! That’s a great one. I’ll add it to my next teaching time.

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