Guess what happened this week?

We greatly enjoyed our Thanskgiving week with the kids.  As promised we didn’t take computers to the mountains and even though we had our phones, no calls interrupted our time away.  We enjoyed Payson’s community Christmas party, pizza and game night complete with white elephant gift prizes.  Saturday we hiked at Natural Bridge under a brilliant blue sky and cool breeze.  Actually cold would best describe it since we found icicles hanging above our heads on several turns of the path.  As a fantastic close to our vacation week  we found a picture perfect site so hope you enjoy the pictures.

  Andrew and Morgan Andrew and Morgan

Dustin and ToriDustin and Tori and baby Eli.

The old folks‘The old folks’

Looking forward to hear what’s happening in your week…


3 responses

  1. wow, what a ggggrreat looking family! icicles? has been awhile since we have experienced such a thing…

    1. Thanks Denise, we have been truly blessed and so excited about our first grandbaby. Icicles were the coolest. They reminded me of my childhood in WV. We used to pretend they were popsicles.

  2. The ‘kids’ look great and …so do you and Mike.

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