The Wondrous Story

The children of our church have a vision.  They want to preach the gospel.  And well, we let them. 

This past September, we held Sunday evening prayer meetings focused on seeking God’s vision for the upcoming year.  The families of the church were passionate to know what was on God’s heart.  But more impressive were the children.  They huddled together each meeting and created a list to present to the church of what they felt God wanted them to do.  They didn’t stop with just making their list, they are working to see each one fulfilled beginning with last Sunday’s Christmas Program.  No one can remember when this little church in the desert ever had enough children to present a Christmas Pageant yet miracles do happen when God touches hearts. 

The Wondrous Story   

(The opening and closing scenes at the grandparents’ house were filmed on location then shown by video; so no pictures are available here, sorry.)

 Grandma and Grandpa are decorating their tree and anxious for the grandchildren to arrive.  Soon two young girls come bursting into the scene and after hugs, the children begin to fight over the largest present.  Grandpa knows it’s now time to share with them the true meaning of Christmas.  As he opens his Bible and begins to read Luke 2, Israel of long ago is presented on stage.

The angel Gabriel visits Mary to announce the coming of the Messiah who will save the world from their sin.

 Mary is told she will give birth to the baby and give him the name Jesus.

The children dance to a song:  “Holy is the Father, Holy is the Son, Holy is the Christ child born on Christmas morn…”

Mary and Joseph enter an over-crowded Bethlehem and were met by street vendors.

They soon learn there are no rooms available anywhere.  Until a kind hearted Innkeeper is persuaded by his daughter to let them stay in the stable with the animals.

That night shepherds were in the fields with their sheep.


When the angel appeared declaring that the Savior is born.  Then all the angels praise God saying:  Glory to God in the highest.

Shepherds and their sheep find Mary, Joseph and Jesus.  Together with the angels, they worship the new born king: singing Emmanuel.

During the closing scene we see changed little girls as the Word of God once again penetrates hearts.  The granddaughters are humbled by the true meaning of Christmas and want to hear more about this Jesus.  Grandpa goes on to tell them how Jesus grew and became the perfect sacrifice for our sins when He died on a cross.   The Gospel.

My heart melted.  Once again I am humbled by the beauty of Christmas as seen through the eyes of children.  May we all become like children this season and see Jesus anew.

Thought you might enjoy a close up of some of our sheep.

Precious, just precious!

Can’t wait to hear about your week…


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  1. Shelia, this is so amazing! I hope to hear more about the story of how God worked to bring this all together. What a blessing for you and Mike as well as the entire church. And I’d also like to hear what all is on the children’s list!

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