Reminder to self, “never fly to the east coast during the winter months.”    This week began with us feeling we were divinely touched by God for our direct flight from Phoenix to PIttsburgh arriving uneventful.  We smugly walked through airports watching the news of stranded travelers and marveled that we not only made it to our destination but arrived early.  Pride does go before the fall.  We are preparing to leave this morning and well, let’s just say the week didn’t go as planned.  Cold icy conditions kept us from visiting some of our family.  While those we were able to visit were sick.  We exposed ourselves to shingles and the flu.  Since they are family, they were kind enough to share.  So here I am leaving WV with a miserable flu bug.  Normally I’m thrilled to be going home to the warmth of the Arizona sun but from what I’ve been reading, an unusual cold streak  has invaded my home state.  Moral of story:  Be more caring for those stranded travelers and continue to work on eliminating all traces of pride.

We did manage a dinner out last night with a few of Mike’s family.

Blessings to each of you as you enter this New Year full of God’s fresh blessings and mercy each day!


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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog and it is true the weather is cold, so cold here. I’m afraid my 2 Sissoo trees are frozen, but hope not.
    I can’t imagine you being prideful and not sure I would call that pride, but I understand the feeling of being watched over and kept safe. Never the less even as we count our blessings we can be reminded that we still live in a world filled with flu bugs and misfortune, so I will pray that you recover and that you have safe travel from here on. Miss you both. Ruth

  2. yes, tis true we are feeling the frrrreeeezzzziiinnnnggg weather here in az! only without the chilling bite of wind, snow and slippery slopes….hope you get safely home. thanks for sharing a pic of your family. talk to you later….denise

  3. You didn’t stay nearly long enough. I always hate to say goodbye. Sorry I made you sick. Have a safe trip home and come back soon. We love you guys more than you know. God bless.

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