Too much of a good thing

Let’s talk food!  It’s fun Friday and as I look back over my week, I see that food played a major role in everything I did.  Lunch on Monday was a spinach salad with citrus vinaigrette from Babbo’s in Surprise.  I have declared it my favorite salad.  But sharing lunch with Ruth Wood made it even better.

I feasted on Cappellini Pomodoro from Vincitorio’s in Tempe on Monday night.  Wow, delicious.  But best of all Mike and I dined with friends, Kent and Linda Robinson and Kent and Janice Doane.  Yes, I picked two best friends who just happened to each be married to a ‘Kent’.

Tuesday night our four kids joined us at Carrabba’s for yet another feast.  Food was yummy and I especially enjoyed the margharita pizza.  During dinner, Andrew and Tori started talking about their favorite cookies from years past: Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal, No-bake cookies.  Wasn’t long and a plan was in place to have them.  Mike and I made a quick stop to the store and within 20 minutes of arriving at Andrew’s house, we were in ‘awww, ummm, ooooh’ land.  Perfect way to end a perfect time with family.

Tori and I discovered that our favorite restaurant near her home also serves a mouth-watering breakfast.  Don’t miss Joe’s Farm Grill for good food in a fun atmosphere.  (I have to tell everyone to make a visit to the restroom while there.  Okay, I know that sounds strange.  But I promise you, you will be entertained.)

While Mike was in class on Wednesday night, the kids and I enjoyed pizza from Barro’s.  But we started talking cookies again and well, since I had leftover ingredients, you guessed it.  I made another batch of no-bakes.

Now, by Thursday I am suffering from overeating and afraid to get anywhere near a scale.  To top it off, I’m allergic to chocolate, Peanut Butter, and dairy.  But guess what?  That didn’t stop me from eating four cookies at a time.  My body is angry and rebelling against me.  Some of you are shaking your heads and wondering why I don’t have more self-control.  It’s okay; I too wonder the same thing.  What is it about food that we will make ourselves sick to enjoy it for only a few minutes?  Do we ever learn?  I guess not because I have plans to meet Jeanie Poe Carr today for lunch.

My more devout readers, I ask you to pray for me to repent of my over indulgence.  To the rest of you, share with me your favorite food and restaurant.  When I start feeling better, I’ll most likely want to try some new places to indulge myself!  ; )


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  1. Ha Ha! Shelia… this is why I love you!!

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