I think I’d be a…

I spent the day with 1st graders.  Subbing is something I do occasionally.  It happens when the school calls and I feel the need to be helpful to society.   Usually after one day in the classroom, I am convinced that I have helped enough.  It’s not that I don’t love being around kids.  I do.  It’s just that they can be so draining.  Maybe if I had not retired from full-time teaching years ago then I would be a stronger person today.  But now, at my age, by the end of the day I’m dragging out of the school.  Within minutes of entering my house, I’m sound asleep on the couch.  So guess what I did this week?  I took my first nap in weeks.


Children never cease to entertain me.  I decided last night that I would blog about my day at school.  So I planned a simple little activity I could photograph and share with each of you.  Since it is unwise to post a picture of children without consent, I decided they would wear masks.  So for their art project they created a mask of who or what they would be if they could be anyone or anything for a day.  We had such fun acting out their characters.  I had one tiger, three lions, and three vampire bats among the boys.  Their roars were terrifying.  (At least they thought so.)   Fortunately, the vampires didn’t want to bite people.  I wasn’t sure how I would handle that!   One simply wanted to fly to Mexico to see his mother.  I loved it when a ‘bat’ boy declared he would sleep all day and hunt at night.  When asked what he would eat, he replied, “fish.”  But there is always that one who doesn’t follow the pack.  The smallest of all the boys wanted to be a dinosaur so he could wander through the jungle hunting eggs.


As for the girls, they were a bit tamer.  Four of them just wanted to be themselves.  I hope they continue to be that secure as they age.  We should all be satisfied being what God created us to be.  One girl was a puppy so she could lick people while two were horses because they wanted to give people rides.  Interesting how the girls wanted to serve while the boys wanted to scare.


But wait until you hear about this one girl.  When she stood to show her design I was confused.  I thought maybe she lacked creativity.  It was just a mess of colors all over the paper plate.  When I asked her what she wanted to be for a day, she declared:  “I’m a paint board.  I want people to be able to have fun painting all day long!”  Now that’s thinking outside the box.  Maybe I need to spend more time with first graders.  I can get into such a rut.  She’s going to challenge me to break down the walls of my box.


What mask would you create if you could be anything or anyone for a day?




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