From this day forward

All week I have been thinking about something a dear friend told me years ago.  He said that when he married, he and his bride made the decision that Jesus would be their only reason to get up each day.

They didn’t get up because they had to go to a job to support their family.  They didn’t get up because there was a house to manage and children who needed fed and mothered.  They didn’t get up because they had to do anything.  Life for them wasn’t going to be about what they did as a career.  Life for them was Jesus.

I am sure there have been many days when they didn’t want to get up at all.  Days filled with heartache:  funerals of loved ones, facing an enemy, or battling a financial disaster.  I am also certain there were days when they couldn’t wait to jump out of bed:  going on a much needed vacation, starting a new exciting job or moving into a dream home.  I am sure that most days were just getting up to do the same thing as the day before.  Most likely they lived the norm, a day-in and day-out marriage of the same routine, year after year.

But life for them was Jesus.  He was their reason to get up each day.  Therefore, it would never matter what the day had to offer whether it be good, bad, or indifferent.  Life for them would be consistent, secure, and contented.  Just like Jesus. I can’t stop thinking about this.  I wish I had learned to live my life with such a steady commitment.  I would have avoided years of riding the emotional roller coasters.

I have never understood why Jesus was called the Bright Morning Star in Revelation 22:16.  So many of His titles express an attribute that I can see and understand clearly.  But not this name, at least, not until this past week.  I have decided that from this day forth, I want to awaken to the Bright Morning Star.  He will be my reason for waking.  When the thoughts of what the day has to offer begin to shadow His glow, I will call out to Jesus, “My Bright Morning Star, You and You only are the reason for this day.  I desire to follow Your glory wherever it may shine.”

My heart feels warm just thinking about the possibilities.


2 responses

  1. THIS is the mission we are to be on….about our Father’s business daily!!
    Great blog today!!

  2. Thanks, Shelia.

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