Enrolled in writing school

Guess what Friday?  Writing 101 is now in session


I made a decision this week.  I decided I wanted to be a great writer.  I don’t care about being a best-selling author.  I love to write.  Because I love the art, I want to be the best I can be.


I want to write scenes that bring out the deepest emotions in my readers.  I would be thrilled if they throw my book across the room in anger or had to cry through a box of tissues.  I want to write books that cause people to be breathless and gasping for more.  I want to write stories that will influence readers’ ideals about themselves and their world.  I want to write and write well.


Therefore, this week, I bought a selection of resource books.  Writing school is now in session.  Until I find that perfect mentor, I am in a classroom of one.  My instructors this semester are Donald Maass, Strunk and White, Mignon Fogarty, Theodore Cheney, and Albert Zuckerman.


I am ready!  I better be, I am in my 50’s and time is running out.  J


I will start by studying everything from Grammar for Dummies to Writing the Breakout Novel. It is time that I take the past 30 years of unfinished projects and turn them into readable novels.  I will no longer quit because of fear of rejection.


Gone is that little girl expecting to hear, “You’re a failure.”  Sitting at this keyboard is the new me.  I am a mature woman who is excited and motivated to learn and venture into a whole new career.  My age has taught me great discipline and focus.  Watch out writing world, here I come.


Well, maybe someday, just not today.


Because today, I am shopping with my girls.   If my instructors ask why I am not in class, I will tell them I am doing research.  What better place to observe human nature than the mall?  I can observe multi-cultural eating habits at the food court.  I can research the dating habits of nearly every class of society in one localized area.  The mall is the perfect people watching location.  I can even learn a new language listening to the teens and tweens.  Besides 80% of this week I have spent typing on my side of this screen.  My fingers are tired and my brain drained.


I promise I will stop in the bookstore and peruse awhile.  But foremost on my mind is spending time with Tori and Morgan.  They make me happy.  I feel young when I am with them.  Only they can talk me into buying skinny jeans with boots and feel good about it.


Besides we are in need.  Tori needs adorable maternity clothes because she is my most beautiful pregnant momma ever.  Morgan needs a new outfit because she is meeting my son in Costa Rica.  I need something to wow my husband who is taking me to Santa Barbara for a Valentine Get-away.


The characters are three women from one family on a mission to find that perfect something to impress the men in their lives.  Let the story begin…



6 responses

  1. How fun! I love spending time with my girls too. It is rare that I get both in one place at the same time but I savor the moments we do. Have fun.

  2. You are awesome, dear one! enjoy your kiddies, your husband, your friends, your vacation and our God!

  3. Whoo Hoo. Have a great time, and wonder filled trips. Love you all!

    I love to do the same with my girls, but that is RARE !!!!!
    Enjoy yours every moment you can.

    1. I don’t know what “awaiting moderation” means.

      1. The first time you post on my blog then I have to approve that you are not some crazed person…haha…I did, so now you won’t see that awaiting moderation message anymore. Thanks for posting. I am enjoying my girls. They are so adorable!

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