Come drive with us. Adventures await.

I’m supposed to be in Santa Barbara.  I’m supposed to be shopping on State Street, eating at Palazzio’s, and strolling down the beach.  But things don’t always turn out the way we plan.  Our trip was washed away by rainy cold weather.

So we moved on to Plan B.  Our new mini vacation consists of day trips along back roads of Arizona exploring the sites and nuances of western culture.   Hope you enjoy the pictures from day 1.

All the best vacations begin with blowing one’s diet.  I couldn’t decide between the pesto or veggie pizza so I combined them into one large delightful splurge of calories.

Mike ordered the bolognese pasta.  Meaty and spicy:  am I describing the pasta or my man?

The fantastic food and fun atmosphere are combined in Rumors.  Who would expect to find a European trained chef serving hand-made masterpieces in Yarnell.  Believe me, it’s worth the drive up the mountain.

Following lunch, we visited an old friend.

Mike is following the principles of Deuteronomy and giving thanks after the meal.  Good thing, since we both overate.

Anyone have gas?  ooops need gas?  service anyone?

Sure defeat for the enemies of God.

Couldn’t bring myself to buy groceries from a store with a skull as the logo.  Too creepy for me.

New favorite store in Prescott.  Who knew vinegar and olive oil came in so many flavors?  The proprietor mixed up concoctions like a scientist in a lab.  Our taste buds were in heaven.  We’re going to wow our next dinner guests.  Anyone want salad?

Sorry, got nothing to say.  How about you?  What caption would you share?

The only thing that could make this better if I could have persuaded Mike to ride it across the street.

Ended the day with some roadside Bible study.

Gourmet food, outhouse service station, witches, chickens, and Jesus.  Yes, Arizona is diverse.  Only in Arizona do you have find small towns lined with antique stores, fine art galleries, and a young shepherd herding his goats down the sidewalk.  It’s true!  I didn’t have my camera ready and we couldn’t find him again after we parked.  The best picture ever and I missed it.

We are going out again today.  Another direction.  More backroads and small towns.  Wish you could all join us.


One response

  1. Glad you are having a good time. Sorry about the Calif thing. Love the pics.
    I have eaten at Rumors. Forgot about it , though.
    Continue enjoying the journey.

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