A week of blessings

This was a week of blessings.  I know this describes every week for a believer.  But this week the blessings were delivered in the most unusual packages.

Last weekend was supposed to be fun times in the package of a mini vacation to Santa Barbara.  I knew the night before we were to leave that we shouldn’t go.  I assumed it was either because the weather was going to be cold and rainy or the ‘big one’ was going to hit.  I never want to be in California for that earthquake.  😉

I posted last Friday what I thought was Plan B: day one of small road trips through the interesting and diverse countryside of Arizona.  Just minutes after posting that blog, Mike received a call from Tori’s phone.   But it was Dustin calling.  The look on Mike’s face told me that this was not good.  I was packed and ready to go before he even got off the phone.   I am always efficient in emergencies.  It is a mom thing.

Waiting for Mike to pack and get in the car was agony.  The drive to the ER was even worse.  I could have gotten us there in record time.  But Mike is always the safe and slow driver.

Tori was diagnosed with gallstones after hours of pain and vomiting.  On the ultrasound they watched baby Eli kicking them.  I assured Dustin this was the sign he was wanting.    His son would be a great ball player and was already practicing. Eli is too little to take and it is too late in pregnancy to remove the gallstones.  Therefore, she was released with medicines and a strict diet.

It was good to be there with them.  But even better that Dustin had Monday off and could take Tori to her doctor’s appointment.  The report was good and she has to be disciplined the next two months.  She can do it.  She is super motivated for a healthy baby boy and no more painful episodes.

The rest of the week I have been a hermit only going out to teach my classes and then right back to the couch surrounded by my notes and my Bible.  I have a retreat this weekend and I have spent the week fasting, praying, and studying to prepare.  But it has not been easy.  Tuesday I woke with a hideous headache and the entire day was a struggle to even put two thoughts together.  In desperation, I emailed my faithful prayer partners and soon was receiving encouraging prayers.  My focus was restored.

Wednesday, I get a much-needed call from Andrew.  He had been traveling for most of February.  It was great to hear his voice.  Except for the news that he and Morgan came home to find their home vandalized.

Now I am packed and ready to spend the weekend in Prescott with a precious group of ladies.  I will be teaching on the Thrill of His Voice.  I cannot imagine a better topic than to hear the voice of the Almighty.  The weather forecast is snow on top of the snow they received last weekend.  Pray for me because I don’t do well with cold weather.

Now, I look back over what I wrote, and like you, I am wondering where are the blessings.  How many did you find?  Here is my list, let me know if you found more.

  1. Our canceled vacation kept us in town so that we weren’t eight hours away when that phone call came.
  2. We were given a full refund so maybe we can make that trip over spring break.
  3. We had one fun road trip.
  4. We didn’t get a speeding ticket, which would have happened if I had been driving.
  5. Tori was sent home with Eli still in the womb and able to mature.  She can do the diet and is actually going to benefit from it through eating healthy fruits and veggies.  She will also learn to drink nothing but water.  Can’t go wrong with that.
  6. Eli is healthy and kicking!
  7. We were able to see how Dustin handles his family in difficult situations.  He was never more than a few feet away from Tori and protecting her with his gentle loving care.  Even without any sleep for 24 hours, he would not rest until he had done everything to meet Tori’s needs.  We could leave knowing that she and Eli are in the best of hands.
  8. It happened on President’s Day weekend so Dustin was off on Monday.
  9. My headache forced me to ask for help.  The e-mails and prayers from my friends have been a great source of encouragement.

10. Andrew and Morgan are home safe.  My son called me.  Through this latest vandalism, the police are now involved to help them deal with the violent group home residents on their street.  There wasn’t much damage to his truck.  And, yes, they had a great time in Costa Rica.

11. I have had a week immersed in the Word and prayer.  Can’t wait to see what God will do this weekend.  Please pray that He meets us in the snow covered mountains of Prescott and sets our hearts on fire.  He might just melt the snow with His Presence.  But if not, I have my electric blanket.

12. There wasn’t an earthquake in California.

There were other blessings in Kids Club, my women’s Bible study class, my Sunday School class and the weekly prayer meeting.  As always, some were obvious because they gave me a thrill of His presence instantly.  But others required I dig under the pain, frustrations, and disappointments of life to find.

I also received this picture in the mail.  It is a blessing assuring us of future blessings.  God is good.  How did He bless you this week?


Tori and Eli


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  1. What a beautiful daughter and baby! Thank you for reminding us that no matter what we deal with through our days, God is always blessing us. I will be praying for you this weekend in Prescott. May God fill you with the sweetness of His Spirit as you pour blessings on the women.

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