Jesus, the Specific One

I have been using my Monday blogs to introduce you to Jesus through His names given in scripture.  We could study His names for the rest of our lives, no matter how long we live, and never exhaust the vastness of His attributes as described by these names.

Often in my classes, I encourage believers to know God more intimately by seeking encounters with Him where He reveals Himself by specific names.  This has been my personal method of journaling my walk with the Lord throughout the years.

Therefore, I now want to add a new twist to my Monday blogs.  I am going to start interjecting an occasional testimony from others and from my own journals.  As I make my way through transcribing twenty years of prayer journals, I will share many of these stories with you.  But today I want to share a testimony from my cousin Judy.  Judy has been a mentor and ‘sister’ to me for many years.

Let me introduce you to Jesus, the Specific One. Specific means clearly defined.  Jesus truly defined Himself in precise details.  The Bible and the Holy Spirit clearly define Jesus in precise details.  Below is one encounter that taught Judy how specific He will be in our lives.

In 2006, my husband and I needed a new vehicle since our Explorer had over 150,000 miles of wear and tear.  So we agreed to pray and believe God for a car. When I would pray, I kept hearing the Lord say, “Be specific.”


Each time I heard this I would think, “Yea, I need to decide what I want.”  But I would just keep putting it off.  This went on until the end of December when I was getting things in order for the New Year and I discovered my prayer request list.  I lifted up yet another prayer and again heard, “Be specific.”


So this time I followed the command and researched cars on the Internet.  I decided on a Subaru Tribeca and printed out a picture.  After sharing with my husband, we agreed to pray together for the car.  We posted the picture on the refrigerator and as each of us would regularly look at it, we would put our hand on the picture and thank God for the car.  We prayed specifically.


In March of 2007, we received an invitation from a couple to meet them at the local Dairy Queen.  It was great to see them again.  But we were in for a surprise.   They handed us keys to a new Subaru Tribeca.  They told us the Lord had put it on their heart to buy us a new vehicle back in October.  They kept looking around but nothing seemed to be right.  (Right then, I wondered if I had been more specific when I first heard God, I would have had the car sooner.  He had said to be specific).


After looking for months, the friends finally decided this Subaru was the right one.   They had prayed and asked the Lord how much they should spend.  He gave them the amount of $26,000.  If you know cars, you will know that you can’t buy a Tribeca for that amount.  But this couple was persistent and began to haggle.  It took of couple of weeks before they were able to agree upon the price of $26,300.  On the way to the dealership, the wife stopped into Kroger for a few groceries.  On the back of her receipt was a coupon for $300 off at the local Subaru dealership.  Therefore, they bought the car for $26,000.  Even the amount was specific.


A week later the couple received a check in the mail for almost double what they had paid for the car.  God does bless those who give generously.


My cousin added that even the name of the car had specific meaning to her.  ‘Tri’ stands for the Trinity.  ‘Becca’ means communion for fellowship.


God in His completeness used their friends, the dealership, the grocery store, and even the Dairy Queen to bring a blessing when most needed.  He proved Himself Specific.

How have you encountered God to be specific in your life?


4 responses

  1. Thank you for a reminder that God loves us so much that he can answer our prayers specifically when we trust him. We are going to be in need of a vehicle soon and do not have funds to buy one so I will show this post to my family and we are going to begin praying. We did this when we needed a television and God provided an 80″ TV that was given to us by friend which has been a blessing to us and to all who come to our home to watch movies/shows with us. He does care.

    1. May God guide you as you patiently wait on Him for His will. I pray you will hear clearly and be blessed abundantly. Love ya

  2. Shelia, thanks for blogging this. It is a good reminder that God cares about our EVERY need. Even wants us to specify what we want. He is so amazing! Hope it will help stir people’s heart to Trust and Believe Him for their needs. Especially in these tough times!
    Love u

    1. Thanks Judy, I hope I did your testimony justice.

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