This is a word I think about often.  I love the concept of soaring on wings like eagles.  I can only imagine a life where I soar effortlessly above the trials and tribulations of the earth below.  From that vantage point high above, I am aware of the struggles and heartache, but untouched by any of them.


My week started with soaring but somehow I crashed landed in the desert.  I woke on Sunday in the mountains of Prescott blanketed by the perfection of pure white snow.  I then led a precious group of ladies in the closing session of a mountaintop encounter with the Lord.  We abandoned ourselves before His Throne and He lifted us to new heights of His glory.  Soaring!


The drive home was spectacular.  I felt as if I was on eagles’ wings swooping across the tops of the snow-covered mountains, and at the end of my journey was a feast of my favorite foods.  After a week of fasting I must admit I was eager to get to Yarnell for pizza.  (Remember the picture from last week? Yummmy) But I experienced a sudden crash landing when I discovered Rumors had gone out of business.  This crash set the tone for the rest of the week.


It is not uncommon for speakers to experience Elijah-like crash-dives from the mountaintop of Mt Carmel to fleeing in the desert wanting to die.  Such was my Monday preceded by a night of wicked dreams (most likely brought on by the tasteless substitute pizza.) There are just some weeks that take me to the limits.  Up and down then down and up.  This has been one.


I guess that is why I have found myself more than once on the swing set in the park.  The constant motion served to remind me that for every down there is an up.  And as much as I want to stay up, the backward swing will always bring a down.   That is life because when God created this earth He gave us gravity.  It keeps us grounded.


I discovered something while swinging.  In all of life it is possible to be a child.  Children find joy and laughter in play.  The simple things delight them.  They let their imaginations go and dream away all the reality around them.  They trust.  They trust in the seat and chains to hold them.  They even trust in gravity to bring them back home.


As I as swinging, I dreamed myself into a world of delights.  Trees singing as their branches wave in the breeze; every time I drew near their leaves tickled my cheeks.  Rabbits, squirrels, and prairie dogs were dancing around my feet.  Their high-pitched chatter made me giggle like a schoolgirl.  Even the honeybees joined in the fun.  They buzzed around my swing trying to keep pace with me.  But I was soaring too high and fast for them so they landed on my lap and enjoyed the ride.


Could it be the secret to soaring is not in the strength of our wings but in the childlikeness of our heart?


If you believe this is possible, then today go to the park and swing to new heights, build castles in the sandbox, and lay in the grass dreaming images in the clouds.  Like me you may hear His laughter of sheer delight as He plays alongside you.


I promise you this; you will skip all the way home.






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