Small town America

Most of you know we live in a small house (700 square feet), in a small community (400 people) in a small spot (Circle City) of the vast desert (Arizona).   It is our mission field.  It is home.  Today it was small town America at its best.  Here are the pictures to prove it.

The Second Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade consisted of four floats, six decorated 4-wheelers, a few vintage cars, the firemen and policemen, 4 horses with riders from the youth rodeo and 6 drummers from the Wickenburg High School marching band.  The route circled the three concentric circles of Circle City.  😉

At about 5 miles per hour the entire parade lasted approximately 40 minutes.  Since I rode on our float, I failed to run ahead and take pictures of all the other entries.  Oops, I goofed.  Therefore I only have pictures of our little group and prize winning float.  Yes indeed!  For the second year we won a prize for our entry.  They announced it as the “Jesus is Life” float.  Love it!


The kids are ready to go.  They threw candy along the parade route.  Actually they threw candy at people, houses, cars, dogs, and whatever else caught their eye.  The competition was to see how many could get candy in the bed of the trucks.  Yep, we ran out of candy pretty fast.  Good thing I had a stash hidden.


A few of my favorite people.  Aren’t they adorable?

Yes, they are adorable too.  This is Matt our worship leader and Mike our pastor and my husband.


Good food, good music (well, if you like polka performed by senior citizens), good friends and great memories.  Priceless.

Small town America can warm the heart and bring out the best in people.  See what you’re missing for not living in our little spot of the world!


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