I’ve been known to take things to the extremes…

Add to that the fact that I am a ‘recovering’ perfectionist…

With a slight tendency toward excessive compulsive behaviors…

This dangerous combination has at times been the near death of me as well as my family.  Today, I am sore and suffering from an extreme case of ‘nesting’.

Go ahead and say it.  I know you are thinking it.  But it is true.  My daughter is pregnant and I am the one nesting.  Yes, it is weird.

But when she called this week to say baby Eli is coming early, I couldn’t help myself.  I immediately started making a list of things to do at my house to prepare.  My house, mind you, not hers.  😉

I spent all day yesterday cleaning out closets, reorganizing bookshelves, vacuum-sealing winter clothes, and scrubbing floors.

Poor Mike gets home from a long day of meetings in town, and I persuade him to help me plant my vegetable garden.  I relived my childhood of making mud pies while playing in the dirt.  Soon we will be enjoying squash, green beans, spinach, carrots, gourmet lettuce, and a variety of tomatoes.  I can already taste the beautiful salads we will make…with Eli.

But I’m not finished yet.  My to-do list includes: cleaning windows, reorganizing the laundry room, a complete overhaul in the kitchen, and replanting my herbs in the front garden.  I may attack the shed and reorganize Mike’s tools if he will allow me.   I even listed a few construction projects I will have to persuade Mike to do.

The problem is: I have only 9 more days to complete the items on this list before our baby Eli comes.  April 4 is his proposed birthday.  That is the date the doctor has planned to induce early labor due to Tori’s blood condition.  (Of course, we are aware that God may have another plan and that His plan will prevail.)

We have waited nine long months to meet Eli and now these last nine days seem like an eternity.  So much needs to be done before His arrival.  The blessing ceremony and the time capsule are not prepared.  Tori and I have great plans for the nursery.  We have furniture to paint and walls to decorate.  Extended family members have flight arrangements to make so they can be in Arizona to welcome his arrival.

The Jones family is in the state of extreme preparation.  Extreme excitement.  Extreme anticipation.  He is coming soon and our lives will never be the same.

Nesting is the instinct to prepare.  This heightened sense of preparation has made me reflect on my spiritual walk.  Am I ready?

Sanctification is the nesting instinct to prepare my heart:

  • Daily cleansing the garbage from my life.
  • Reorganizing my thoughts toward the mind of Christ.
  • Scrubbing my heart from everything that doesn’t reflect His glory.
  • Planting seeds of His fruit into everything I do and say.

As much as I am overwhelmed with delight to meet Eli Michael Womack, I know One greater than he is coming soon.    My life needs to be centered on preparing for Him.

My home, my family, my church, my neighborhood, and my world need extreme preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ.   We are not ready…yet.

Lord, help me to put my excessive compulsive, perfectionist, extreme energies into preparing the way for all the world to meet You. amen


4 responses

  1. Sheila
    This is wonderful…..yes anxiously waiting for little ones to arrive, how very exciting for you all. This post is so true, we do want to be ready for our Lord’s return.
    Blessings to you and the family.
    Love ya Rhonda

    1. Thanks Rhonda,
      For years I’ve taught believers to live like a bride on her wedding day expecting our Bridegroom. But the older I get, the harder it is for me to remember that day. 😉 So now I have to compare it to expecting my grand baby. God is so good to give us constant reminders!

  2. You’ve got me really excited too. Bless you.
    You will be a wonderful grandmother. Eli is a
    very fortunate child. God’s best for all of you.

    I am one of those perfectionist, obsessive compulsive persons also.
    However, the older I get, the less perfection I need. Still compulsive
    Thanks for your blogs.

    1. We are sooooo much alike. I just wish I had your sweet gift of mercy and encouragement. Just think, Lord willing, in a few days I’ll get to hold my baby eli. awwwwwwwwwwww

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