My heart is exploding

My heart grew this week.

I am convinced this is just the start of a life-long growth spurt.  Eli stretched my heart beyond anything I could have imagined.  As he grows my love will grow with Him.

This weekend I will be leading a retreat in Prescott.  In the opening session, I will prove scripturally how the older we get the more in love we should be.  Let’s say you have a room full of honeymooning brides.  The love level would be astronomical.  No one is more head-over-heels in love than giddy brides.

But I propose that a room full of senior adults who have walked with the Lord all their lives should be more passionately in love.  Yes, even more giddy.  In comparison, the newlyweds would be a bubbling brook while the senior adults should be Niagara Falls.  God’s love is a maturing love.  It grows as we grow in our knowledge and experiences with Him.  Amazing, isn’t it?

Eli’s birth has proven my point.  I can go to this retreat and speak from first hand experience.  Some lessons come in difficult seasons full of pain and struggling.  But this lesson has come in the package of a beautiful little boy.  I will take more of these lessons anytime!

He can already suck his thumb!

Day One in hospital

Day two and going home

at home in Gramma’s arms

Chillin’ with Auntie Morgan


10 responses

  1. He is so beautiful: just a perfect little baby! So happy for you and your family! XOXO

    1. Thanks Jamie. I would love it if someday Eli could meet your precious boys. What a delight.

  2. You described it beautifully! Exploding heart! I know how you feel.

  3. Shelia and Mike – what a perfectly beautiful baby Eli is – another God-given gift to your world (and ours, by “family” association)!! Stay rested, lots of delights to share this weekend, and for a lifetime. In Jesus’ love, Laurie

    1. Thanks Laurie! I can’t stop starring at him. He’s so precious. Can’t wait for everyone to meet him.

  4. Gramma, this is one precious little boy. Of course, I’m not telling you anything new. What a blessing from God. I’m so happy for your family.

    1. Thanks Ruth! I want him to meet you! Someday I’ll have Gramma day and bring him to visit.

  5. Oh, Shelia, he’s absolutely beautiful!! I feel all warm and mushy inside just lookin’ at him. He is going to need lots of kisses 🙂

    1. I simply can’t let go of him. He’s asleep in my arms right now. I think I wore him out with our morning praise and worship. He loved it!

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