Dreams that touch the soul

I am standing in a vacant room of no color.  The walls appear to be close but when I focus on them I realize they have no distance.

Before me is a large pottery jar.  All my attention is on the jar.  I wouldn’t describe it as ornate though I know it has great value.  Is it old or new?  I really can’t tell.  I really don’t care.  The value is not in the jar itself but in its contents.

It is then that I hear His voice.  He is telling me that every thing of Him for me is in that jar.  It contains all His power to do all His will.   It is filled with all the love I will ever need.  All His grace and mercy for my life is contained within the jar.

As He speaks, I draw closer.  I must take hold of that jar.  It is mine and I want it.  It is all of Him and I need Him.

Suddenly before my eyes with no apparent force acting upon it, the jar falls over.  It shatters.  My heart shatters with it.  I leaped to the floor and try desperately to catch all the oil that is pouring out.  My life depends on this.  Frantically I am scraping oil from the floor and trying in vain to refill the broken vessel.

Tears are streaming down my face and mixing with the oil.  I weep and I scrap.  The more furious I work, the more force of the spill.  I simply can’t stop it.  I am losing everything that is anything.

It is then, that I am awakened by Mike leaning over the edge of the bed asking, “What in the world are you doing?”

Startled to my senses, I realize I am on my knees scratching violently at the carpet.  There is no jar, no oil, and no voice.  I was awake.  The dream was over.  What did it mean?

For hours I laid awake trying to determine the meaning.  I concluded two things.  I was passionate for the Lord.  I have never in my life known such desperation.  I felt as if I would die if I didn’t get that oil.  I knew then without Him, I would die.

But also I had to conclude, He didn’t want me to take possession of the jar and hoard it for myself.  I am of better use to Him as a broken and poured out vessel.

I have never forgotten this dream nor have I turned back from this call on my life.  Two things motivate me now:  His amazing love and my desire to give all.

There are many within the church that may bulk at the teaching that God speaks through dreams.  Scripture has several accounts and all of them are powerful to teach lessons and declare the will of God.  I do not see how we can declare Him to have ceased from using this method of communication.  In my life He has used dreams to powerfully teach and motivate me.  Each one has been supernaturally vivid in its meaning.  No matter how many years pass by; I can still recall the dream in all its detail and emotion.  That in itself is a miracle at my age!

Dreams may not be His primary source of communication but please don’t discredit them.  When they do come, dreams are a powerful and effective tool in the hands of the Master.

  • Therefore, never limit God’s methods of communication.  Be open to His divine will.
  • God’s message will always line up with the Truth of His Word.  Anything else is a lie.
  • Pray for wisdom and discern at all times.

Remember a fool is easily led astray.  Spend more time in the Word and on your knees in prayer than you do in dreaming.

Just minutes ago, I was just holding Eli while He slept in my arms.  I was reading to him from Psalms and Proverbs.  While I was reading and singing praises to the Lord, his little body lay so still and content.  It made me wonder, is this how God delivers dreams to us?  Does He hold us close and sing sweet love songs to us?  Does He speak His truth into our souls while we are so peacefully resting in His arms?

Beautiful thought.

A more beautiful God.


2 responses

  1. Shelia, This is so beautiful. At first, I thought I was reading a poem you wrote. I would highly encourage to write a poem of this experience if you haven’t already. I was just sharing how God spurred me to begin 1:ONE Visual Faith Art Group at our last meeting with some new members and I talked about how God spoke to me through a dream to give me this vision. He uses dreams in my life in a very powerful way, answering prayers I have and also birthing new directions for my life. This is probably one of my favorite post by you. I too, experience God in my dreams and I can relate to everything you have written here. Thank you sister for your faithful service to our Lord Jesus Christ.

    1. Thanks Susan, someday I’ll share on here the most dramatic dream I had. I’ve written it in short story. Our God is incredible. Amazing how He gives us this special touches. Keep me updated on the Visual Faith Art Group.

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