Never too late to learn

Adage #1:  “Every job is easier if you have the proper tools.”

Once again I learned this lesson …the hard way.  Painting furniture to have a smooth professional finish is not easy.   This week’s project was not my first attempt.  The previous jobs were best described as personal disasters.  It is safe to say, I am not a professional painter.

I’ve learned some lessons from my failures:  never paint with a fuzzy roller if you don’t want added texture to the finish.  Primer is to be applied in a thin layer  if you want to see the wood texture through the color.  It is not wise to keep adding coats to try to fix mistakes.  More is not better.

Why is it that I have several failures before the pros at the paint center tell me I can buy paint with premixed primer and there is such a thing as foam rollers for painting furniture?  This information would have been helpful two front doors, kitchen cabinets, and a bath vanity ago.

But alas, this week I had a major skill breakthrough.  Eli’s armoire is now fire engine red.  The grain of the wood shows through beautifully.  There are no brush strokes to distract from a smooth finish.  All would be perfect, in my perfectionist’s opinion,  if only they made a more petite foam roller for those hard to reach places and if no one looks real close.

Okay, so maybe the next project will be the best yet.  I will soon find out.  Next up is the changing table.  We hope by  Eli’s official due date we will have the nursery finished for him.  Until then, he is enjoying his time with Daddy and Mommy in their room.

Adage #2:  “It pays to read the instruction manual”

Nearly 30 years ago, I gave birth to my baby girl who just gave birth to her baby boy.  It has been an unforgettable week with my grandson.  He is precious in every way and as good-natured as his mother was…and still is.

I know my age has something to do with memory loss.  But a new realization hit home that I can’t blame on age.  I really don’t know the answers to her questions.  Sadly, I don’t think I ever did know.

So, thirty years late, I read the manual on breastfeeding.  I was amazed.  Did you know that babies’ bellies are only the size of a marble at birth?  Therefore they need about 1 ounce of milk, which is the amount the breast makes on the first day.   The development of milk increases as the baby’s stomach can handle it.  Here is yet another proof of God’s divine hand of perfection.

I also learned that the first milk from each breast is considered ‘low fat’ milk while the ‘whole’ milk comes after the baby nurses a few minutes.  Makes me wonder if I instinctly knew to allow my babies to nurse long enough on one side before switching.  Or if maybe, they had a few unsatisfying feedings because I never read the manual.  Pretty much everything I thought I knew, is wrong.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve looked up from the book and exclaimed, “I wish I would have known that 30 years ago!”

Someday, maybe, I will get all my adages together and do one thing to perfection on the first try.  Chances are slim.  It seems the pattern in my life is to learn from my mistakes.  It is a blessing that God doesn’t expect perfection.  He only wants me to trust Him and try again.

So I will not give up trying.  Until the day of perfection, I hope to enjoy my life a little more each day and pray often, “Lord, make my blunders wise.”

Adage #3:  “Everyone loves baby pictures”

This must be true because the two blogs that featured Eli pictures have given this site the highest stats in months.

Shelia’s adage:  A successful blogger (aka happy Gramma) needs a professional photographer as a daughter.

Enjoy the album.  It won’t be hard to determine which photos Eli’s momma took.

Morning praise and worship with Gramma.

Content on Grandpap’s lap

First bath!

Going to work with Daddy

First shoes

Momma’s little monkey

Our precious Eli.  Life just doesn’t get better than this.


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  1. What a beautiful baby, Shelia! I so appreciated getting your letter and hearing your updates. And now seeing them too–wow! Isn’t it so interesting the journeys God leads us on?

    1. Thanks Sarah, we are enjoying our little grandson. God is faithful with His blessings. I hope we can keep in touch. I value your input on my writing. I am just learning as I go.

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