Got to have a plan

Ahhh, All is well in the world again.  I am typing this with my little Eli asleep in my arms.   I wish you could see him.  I am lying on the couch with him curled up on my chest.  His head is just close enough for me to lean in for a kiss anytime I want…every few minutes is good.

We have had a great time together today.  Gramma took him for a walk in his stroller and we played in the park by his house.  He wasn’t too keen on having his toes in the grass.  But he loved the wind blowing in his hair.

My weeks can now be defined by Eli days (the good ones) and post Eli days (the lonely ones).  Thursday and Friday each week will be Eli days.  I soak in every minute, every smell, and every movement.  Saturdays I can still feel him in my arms.  Sundays I am too busy to notice the onset of emptiness.  But by Monday, I am worthless.  This explains why I didn’t post my Monday blog this week.  I couldn’t put two thoughts together that didn’t start or end with missing Eli.

Realizing I can’t go on this way and still function in the real world, I put a survival plan into action.  I have two motivators that have worked for me in all seasons of life.

1.  I make a list.  Yep, for some reason, this has always worked for me.  I get a new, clean, and cool looking notepad.  I find the slickest pen or sharpest pencil.  I sat down in my favorite spot and I start to make a list of all the things I need to do for the week.  I then sort that list according to days and divide the duties evenly.  Upon completion, I have a plan.  Plans motivate me.

Just so you know, my secret weapon to sure success is putting something on the list that I have already completed just so I can mark it off.  I can’t help it.  It is the ultimate motivator to look at a new list that is several items long and already see an accomplishment.

2.  I create.  I look around the house or yard and pinpoint something I think I could improve.  This week it was my herb garden in the front yard.  During my two weeks absence, the spearmint had invaded the tarragon, surrounded the rosemary and smothered the basil.  It was aiming for the lawn and if left untouched would quickly take over the entire yard.

I gather my gardening tools and went to work.  After the herbs were under control, I planted a flower that was given to Eli.  He doesn’t have a flower garden so he gave it to me.  By this time my creative juices were raging, so I used old wire and created a topiary frame for the potted ivy.

By the time I finished with that creation, I was unstoppable.  The entire back yard was soon pruned and weeded.  Front porch cleaned and vegetable garden weeded.  I ended the gorgeous evening sitting on the porch visiting with neighbors feeling an overwhelming sense of peace and victory.

The perfect close to the day was making a quick slash mark through a few items on the to-do list:

Pruning the plants

Weeding the gardens

Clean porch

Create topiary

Spend time with neighbors

Enjoy life


Amazing how a stroke of the pen can bring delight to my senses.  I was focused again.  I was on task.  Day one ended with everything on the agenda crossed off.  The rest of the week would not be lost.

Kids club two nights

SBC convention prayer booklet sent to graphic designer

Sunday school lesson prepared

Women’s Bible study lesson

Exercise daily

Babysit for neighbor

Wednesday blog posted

Invitations mailed for luncheon

Garden mulched


All completed on schedule so that I can I can enjoy the final stroke of the week:


Enjoy holding Eli



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