Hanging by a thread

There are times when life is just hard whether we are the cause of our crisis or the innocent victim.

  • We can feel like we are in a never ending earthquake and the last bit of earth under our feet is about to give way to the fiery abyss of Mordor.
  • Or maybe it feels like we have walked so far out of our comfort zones that we are standing on the end of the thinnest tree branch that is in the throes of a violent hurricane.
  • In the pinball game of life, we are being whacked at every turn.  Weak and disillusioned we know the next blow will shatter us into a million pieces.
  • There are times our bodies seem to fight against us and the pain is more than we can bear.  Or maybe we hear the diagnosis from a doctor and it sends us into a downward spiral of despair.
  • Sometimes it is just an inner struggle.  There seems to be no hope for the future or no peace for the soul.  God appears to have left us barren.  The Word leaves us empty.  Our worship is dead.  Our hearts are cold.

We are hanging by a thread.

No one is immune to seasons of pain and despair.  We all have stories of brokenness and defeats.  I have been at the edge of such a time.  I could easily plunge into the chasm, fly off the branch into a swirling storm, or hit the bottom of the despair pit.

Except for a few words that keep churning in my heart…

a bruised reed he will not break

Are you feeling like a bruised reed?  Are you feeling worn out or useless?  Maybe you would best describe it as weak, depressed in spirit, lowly and dejected.  All of these terms are what this passage has in mind.

The declaration is for all those who will admit they are hanging by a thread.

As I typed that sentence, I looked up to pray, “Father, now what do I write?”  My eyes focused on a spider on the wall.  Okay, I am not happy about this.  I hate spiders.  But today, I believe God placed that spider on my wall for His purpose.

Spiders make webs that are ultra thin but super strong.  The threads that come from their bodies are pound for pound 5 times stronger than steel yet incredibly flexible.  It has been said that a cord made of spider webs woven as thick as a pencil could stop a 747 flying at full speed.  Amazing, isn’t it?  If we could learn to create threads that duplicate the strength and flexibility of a spider’s web then we could create bulletproof vests with the power to protect us from bombs.

As marvelous as that sounds, it is nothing compared to what this verse says. Jesus is the thread that holds us together.  He did not tell us to create our own protective cord.  He did not tell us to stop the storms.  This kind of thinking will insure defeat.

In our weakest most desperate times, we need to know Jesus.  He came to rekindle and restore not to break or quench.  He has tender compassion for us when we are at our lowest despair and in our greatest pain.

Often in these times we tend to forget the heart of God.

His love knows no limits.  His tenderness is most evident in our weakness. He weeps when we weep.  He speaks love songs into our broken hearts.  He holds us close to His heart.  He covers us with His hand.  He calms our fears.  He soothes our tempers.

He delights in serving us. He shelters us from the storms.  He stands between our enemies and us.  He fights our battles.  He is the balm for our wounds.  His binding thread is a zillion times stronger than that of the spider.  Nothing, absolutely nothing can break Him.

Therefore we will not break.  I will not break.  You will not break.  This is a promise that cannot be broken.  God spoke it, therefore it is.

If only we had the faith to believe His Word.  A bruised reed He will not break.

When we live life hanging by a thread we can be confident we cannot fall.  This is the way to know the fullness of Jesus.  Don’t worry you don’t have to grab hold of Him, He’s the thread that is holding you tight.


2 responses

  1. Thank you for speaking directly to my heart today. The part that encouraged me the most is when you said “Don’t worry, you don’t have to hang on to Jesus, He’s holding on to you.” That gives me such peace when I feel too weak to hang on to anything. Bless you for being such a faithful servant.

    1. From His heart to my heart to your heart. He knew we both needed that today. Love you!

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