The end of a series

I believe it is time to wrap up our series on hearing God’s voice.  I have not taught everything there is to know.  I am still learning myself.   I have tried to share enough insights to encourage you to seek more on your own.

I will close with a few words concerning visions, angels, and the audible voice of God.  Each of these is a valid mode of His divine communication.  You can find awe-inspiring testimony to each in the pages His Word and in testimony of believers throughout the centuries.

Visions became interchangeable with “the word of the Lord” to Old Testament prophets.  Peter’s vision changed the entire focus of the church toward reaching the Gentiles.  John’s vision fills the pages of Revelation and gives readers insight into the end times.

Only once in my life have I known a true vision.  During a time when I was in deep repentance of sin, I saw before me the crucifixion.  It was as if the scene was playing on video and I could not stop it.  I wanted to.  It was agony for me to see His pain because of my sin.  It served as a reminder of His grace then and still today nearly 20 years later.

Visions happen when we are awake and as John put it “in the Spirit”.  As with divine dreams, they come with a message that confirms the truth of His Word and of His character.  They can be prophetic as well as reflective.  Some are personal for you.  Others are to be shared to edify the church.  I strongly recommend that before sharing any message, you test it against God’s truths and confirm it under the counsel of godly mentors.

Far too often, immaturity and impatience has caused His holy name to be defiled when believers speak without discernment.  His name is at stake.  Your reputation can be hurt.  I encourage you to be safe rather than sorry.  I believe with all my heart that God will honor your desire to keep His name holy.  He will be patient with you and give you all the confirmation you need.  Trust Him and He will trust you with His visions.

Angels in Holy Scripture are often the messengers of God to man.  Abraham, Lot, Daniel, and Mary were just a few who encountered angels.  The Bible has multiple testimonies to their work for the Kingdom.  We cannot dismiss their effectiveness.  God still uses angels today.

Stories of angels protecting missionaries on the front line of battle are my favorites.  Even my Sunday school children delight in hearing the same ones over and over.  Angels have been used to guide believers toward the safest routes when they were blindly heading to disaster.  Angels have been sent to deliver answers to questions.

Mike wonders if it were angels who stood outside the office door when he was struggling to unlock a code on the computer.  He had worked for hours and in desperation cried out for God’s help.  Almost immediately two young men stood in the doorway and in conversation one shared the code with another.  They then just walked off.

Years ago when Mike and I were seeking confirmation about our move to Arizona. Driving home from school, I picked up an elderly hitchhiker on a road in West Virginia.  He was a delightful man that I guessed to be in his 80s.  He started praising the Lord almost instantly of settling into our van.  He, without prompting from me, began to talk of the need for God’s workers in Arizona.  It was such a divine moment that my children, who were young at the time, were even taken aback.  After awhile, he suddenly said let me off here.  I turned into the vacant lot of a church and he opened the sliding door of our van.  I was just about to offer to help him out when he winked and jumped onto the pavement.  He slammed the door and began to skip away.  The kids and I giggled and looked back to see where he could be going since the lot was vacant.  He was gone.  We never saw him again.  We soon moved to Arizona to fulfill God’s mission.

The same warning applies here as with all methods of communication.  Confirm it with His Word and character.  Use godly mentors to keep you accountable.  Test and approve all messages with the whole counsel of God’s Word.  Be trustworthy of His Voice and His messengers.

The final method is that of an audible voice.  This is one method where I have no personal experience.  I must admit the thought of it terrifies me.  I know how the Israelites were shaken at Mount Sinai when the voice of God thundered from the mountain.  One thing I know for sure, if I ever heard the audible voice of my God, I would know it.  There would be no doubt.  The thunderous voice that sounds like rushing waters has the power to twist the bark from trees and move mountains.  His voice can fell His enemies and calm storms.  This voice would shake me to my core and leave me speechless.

I long to hear His voice.  But I am content if He chooses to allow me to hear it for the first time when I step into His glory.  My truest desire is to hear Him say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”


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  1. i found you through a search, and am going through experiences with my brother. he is suffering from mental challenges, mild, heart problems and Parkinson’s. He started telling me a couple of months ago that God came to him and said he would give my brother a sign that only he could understand, and now two days ago, he said god said it was almost time. my brother reads his bible constantly and i know he is fearful of dying. i have explained to him how he will no longer b in pain nor have tremors and he can see mom. i don’t know what to think, but i do not tell him he is wrong, because i am not god nor a judge and have no rights to say anything negative to my brother. what are your thoughts??

    1. Terry, I am saddened to read of your brother’s illnesses and his fear of death. It is so difficult to watch our loved ones suffer. You are a dear sister in your concern and desire for the truth. I can not say that God did not give him assurances of His Presence. God delights to comfort His children. The question I must ask, “Is your brother a true believer in Jesus as the Only Way to Salvation through forgiveness of sin that only the blood of Jesus provides?” I know that’s a loaded question but anything short of the truth will not give your brother assurance of salvation. He must know that Jesus, sinless God incarnate, came to Earth to take the penalty for our sin. He died for our sins so that if we believe in Him and yield our lives to Him, we can be children of God for eternity. Your brother’s challenges may be caused by his uncertainty of Jesus as Savior and Lord. It is possible to read the Bible, attend church, and believe there is a God but NOT be truly saved from our sin and commendation for that sin. My prayer for you and your brother is that you both know the assurance of the love, grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. If not, please read the Gospel of John with an open and prayerful heart seeking the truth. God reveals Himself through His Word.

      If He is a true believer maybe this story will encourage you both. My mother was diagnosed at the young age of 51 with brain cancer. She lived only three weeks. On the fourth day of her hospital stay she wanted to be alone with her Jesus whom she had loved with all her heart. The next morning, she no longer had fear, pain, or sadness. I was awed by her peace and asked about that night alone. She said her Lord had assured her that He was there for her, with her, and protecting her until He took her home. No one knew it would be so soon but somehow I believe my mother knew. She stepped from this life into His Glory and oh, how I look forward to joining her someday.

      My prayers are with you both. John 3:16

      1. both my brother and i are strong christians. Al felt like he was afraid of death and for a few weeks he battled in his words, god on one of his shoulders and Satan on the other. after much prayer, and having my brother anointed and his bedroom also done, he is no longer as afraid. we talk about how pain free he will b also. i have a blog on Father’s Day of the plan Al had and how he had me help him. Al is ready to die, I think, because he is in so much pain, and there is always an unusual peace in the house and more smiles after he says god came to him again.

      2. So blessed to read this. God is so tender with His children. I look forward to reading your Father’s Day blog. Blessings to you and Al. Keep in touch.

      3. thank you Shelia, and i hope you are having a great weekend!

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