How do you live: Singular or Plural?

A gifted writer is a maestro with words.     All my life, I have enjoyed the work of authors without appreciating the masterful skill involved in their craft.

This past year, I have been studying the beauty of words and the art of word usage.  I have discovered some fascinating words.  Today I share two such words and how we misuse them in our everyday language.

Priority is defined as something of  “greatest importance.”

Sovereign used as a noun means “supreme ruler” or as an adjective it denotes “supreme or ultimate power.”

By their very definition, these words should only be used in the singular form.  There can only be one of greatest importance as there can only be one supreme ruler or power.   If we have priorities or sovereigns then there is not one thing or person that stands out about the others or is of the utmost, maximum level.

This misuse of the words is also lived out in our thoughts and actions.  We say the Word of God has priority over our daily lives yet we live with multiple tasks taking priority over it.  We declare Jesus is Sovereign in our lives yet little ‘g’ gods of all sorts rule over us.

I now have one motivation: to live singularly.   I desire to make the Supreme Ruler my One Priority.  In order to be victorious in this life-long endeavor, I must strive to understand who Jesus is as the Sovereign.  For me to see His rule in my life, I have to understand His sovereign hand in all circumstances.

My faith will not stretch over plural sovereigns.  My allegiance is not vast enough for multiple priorities.  Therefore, I am at my weakest when I am living these words in plurals.  How about you?

I have decided to break with my traditional Monday blogs.  I will in the next few weeks share a dream I was given.  I am not a gifted writer.  Oh how I wish I were.  For this dream needs to be conveyed with the words that can reveal the passion and power of the experience.   Pray for me to be guided by His Spirit, the Maestro of words.

You must stick with me on this because the concept won’t be clear until the final scene.  It left me so shaken; I lay on my bed paralyzed for hours.  “Lord, is it true?”  I prayed over and over not knowing if I could handle the truth.

When He answered, He was true to His Word and the truth did set me free.  I am free indeed.  Free from the chains of doubt.  Free from the confusion of faith.  Free from the confusions of life.  Free to trust.  I choose to believe in the One Sovereign Ruler who is my One Priority.  Will you?

Thanks for your prayers, chapter one comes next Monday.


4 responses

  1. Elizabeth Young | Reply

    As a fellow student of words, your column made me stop and think. Thanks for writing this, and thank you for allowing God to speak through your words.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth, you are grades ahead of me in this study.

  2. You ARE a VERY gifted writer!
    Thank you for the blessings you send through your “Delights.”

    1. Thanks Ruth. I am feeling more confident with writing non-fiction. But fictional writing is a whole new challenge. The more I read, the less I know. I’m hoping this summer (after Convention) I can devote hours a day studying and practicing. One good thing, when I want something bad enough, I will work hard to achieve it. Practice, practice, practice makes perfect.

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