A few of my favorite things

There are some weeks when not one thing stands out as a highlight.  The days plow ahead with the rituals, drudgeries, and challenges of life.  Yet because we are Children of the Most High we can always expect and receive special moments to entertain, delight, and encourage us.  I love that about my God.  Like a kind and generous Father, He delights to delight us.

My Darling Abba knows my favorite things.  He also knows when I need them the most.  Let me share with you how I have been touched by the Loving One this week.

He knows I love my little ‘cuddle bug’ Eli.  So He gave me three days with my grandson.  Okay, I know that some will say I am spoiling him but how can too much loving harm a baby?  He loves to be held tight against my heart.  He even grips my shirt as if to say, “Gramma, I’m not letting you go!”

He knows I love to spend time with my kids.  So He gave me the energy to prepare them dinner two nights in a row.  (I needed His supernatural energy after taking the night shift with Eli.)  The joy I feel when I am with my children is microscopic to His joy when we spend time with Him in prayer.  Our natural emotions can be hindered by our weaknesses and sinfulness.  But His emotions have no limits or barriers.  That tells me that His delight in me is beyond my comprehension.  Amazing!

He knows I love a great worship service.  So He sent Ronna to our ladies luncheon.  She blessed us with her giving spirit, powerful testimony, and astounding voice.  Her Jewish heritage gives her a deep richness of passion for His Word.  We were lifted into His presence as she worshiped Him through the Tehillim which means “Songs of Praise” in Hebrew.

He knows I need to be free from pain.  So He forced me to call the dentist.  Yes, He forced me.  He wouldn’t let me rest until I picked up the phone and made the appointment.  How?  He made the pain grow stronger and stronger.  I wish I didn’t need such prodding.  But I can be stubborn.  Next Wednesday, I hope to be pain free.

He knows I delight in my garden growing.  So He caused the vegetable seeds to sprout.  He also filled the trellis with an abundance of grape clusters.  Everyday I  race to the garden and check their growth.  I can already imagine the thrill of picking the first ripe bunch.   Don’t you agree that the simple things in life can be the most delightful?

He knows I love to plan and prepare a feast for loved ones.  So He told my kids to visit their mother this Sunday.  I spent hours creating the perfect menu.  Last night I searched the ethnic aisle of the store for the right ingredients.  Tomorrow, I will begin to cook.  It is a mixture of their favorites:  Andrew loves Bolognese sauce and Tori loves lasagna.  I am adding a new Italian beef recipe cooked with Giardiniera and pepperoncinis.  I am so excited I don’t even mind the fact that I have to clean the sun porch so we can eat outside.

He knows I love it when a project comes to an end.  So He carried me across yet another finish line.  The Southern Baptist National Convention is in Phoenix this June.  I am acting as Prayer Coordinator for the convention as well as the evangelistic Crossover outreach happening the weekend prior.  These duties have consumed much of my time and zapped most of my energy.  But after weeks of laboring, I finished writing the prayer booklet that will be printed for the 7,000+ attendees.  Sandy created the graphics and it is off to the printers.  Whew!

He knows how I thrill when a student ‘gets it’.  So He nudged a few of the youngest Kids Club kids to wow me with their answers.  Our youngest Meghan proved she knows the problem with man’s heart is that “they forgot God.”  She is only four and knows the root cause of sin.  One of the most challenging to control little boys blessed me beyond words when he begged to be the one to pray.  Oh, what a delight.  Two nights a week of teaching, hours each week of preparation, countless repetitions of the Gospel and it is all worth the effort.  The only thing greater would be to see with my own eyes the salvation of all these children.  Could my heart stand such joy?

My week has been full of some of my favorite things.  How about you?  Has God touched you with His delights?


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