Convention prayer room

I’m still working on my blog about the dangers of an isolated mind.  I will post it when I feel it is ready.  It’s too important to rush.

So today, I will share what I had planned to share last Friday.  Guess you can tell my life has been a bit chaotic lately.  😉

Here are some pictures of the prayer room I created for the Southern Baptist National Convention.  The room was open Sunday through Wednesday and had a steady flow of visitors.  Monday night nearly 30 people gathered together for a time of prayer and fellowship.

I also had an opportunity to pray with a  young man who had been invited to the Pastor’s conference.  He and his wife are heroin addicts and fearful of losing their young children.  I continue to pray that he finds freedom in Christ.

The rooms were created by drapes.  Each station had prayer experiences that related to the prayer booklet I wrote for the convention.  In the above picture a friend is writing her thanks for the blood that cleanses us from all sin.  This was the view as you walked past the welcome desk and looked down the main hallway.  You will notice beyond the cross is a banner that signifies the Throne Room of Heaven.

The banner showed the elders kneeling and the rainbow over the Throne.  The scripture passages were the praises recorded in Revelation 4 and 5.  I think we should get some practice using those worship songs!  The pillows at the base of the throne had passages from Psalms written on them to guide the people in their prayers.

Station one:  Enter through the gate in worship.  A wall of praise was made by stringing wire and providing paper and clips for the people to write their adorations and mount them on the wire.  A worship DVD played continuous hymns and choruses.

The other wall in this room encouraged people to enter by His Word.  I used all my favorite scriptures about prayer on the banner.  These passages encourage us to enter into His presence as we read His Word.  Tozer said that it is blasphemous  to utter a word in prayer until one is assured they have entered into the presence of the Lord.  I find there is no better way than to worship Him and read His Word.

The next station was entering through the blood into His Holy Place.  The banner encouraged people to allow the Spirit to search their hearts for sin that hinders their intimacy with the Lord.  On the chairs I provided:  a Bible, Returning to Holiness by Greg Frizzell, and a cleansing guide which I wrote.  People were given notebook paper and encouraged to record their confessions and then shred them in the provided Sin Shredder.

On the table in this station, I had The Passion of Christ DVD playing continuously with communion set up for those who wanted to participate.  This station was in full view of the cross and people were encouraged to kneel and record their prayers of thanksgiving for His blood. (the picture was taken before I set up communion, sorry)

To the right of the Throne was a place to pray for Spiritual Awakening among the lost.  People were encouraged to use the provided stickums to record names of unsaved family and friends.  Notice the red fabric represented His shed blood.  Here my friends who helped set up the room are praying for the first names recorded.

To the left of the Throne was supposed to be a small four foot square Tent of Meeting where people could enter individually to pray for personal revival.  This area had to be adapted.  I provided a couple of prayer guides for revival and a Bible.  One chair was behind the drape for those who wanted to be alone with God.

Now on to the rooms where specific prayers were offered:

The globe took center stage in the Room of Global Missions.  Prayer guides were provided by the International Mission Board and Jewish Voice Ministries.  Posters pinned to the walls showed the unreached areas around the globe still needing the Light of the Gospel.

Our 50 state flags draped across the Prayer for Our Nation room.  The American flag served as the anchor in the center.  Sitting in this room made me pray that each state would unite in obedience to His Word.

My friend Monette made these posters giving scriptural prayer guides for how to pray for each branch of our government.

Each branch of the military was represented with their flags,  a portrait of President Obama, and paper to record names of servicemen and women adorned the table of this station.  I also provided prayer guides on how to pray for national leaders, military, cities, and families.

The final wall in this station contained a map of the USA.  People were asked to place a sticker on their city while they prayed for the city, state and nation.  I was blessed to see people from several states all united for one cause.

The final station was provided for people who join together in prayer for the needs of our convention, personal requests that came in during the meetings, as well as prayers for our churches and pastors. Our seminaries were the focus in the second picture.

I will end with a final picture showing the names of so many lost and dying loved ones.  I will send these names and other prayer requests to Leo to post on our SBCprayforAZ Facebook page.  Please visit there and intercede.   You are never more Christlike than you are when interceding for others.


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