Road Trip

We had a family road trip, minus one.  Mike went to WV for his cousin’s wedding and didn’t bring home any pictures for me to post.  ;(

The rest of our family went to Colorado for Courtney’s wedding. June is certainly the month of love.  Two weddings to attend and our own anniversary to celebrate.

My first road trip with Eli, whose sweet nature makes him an excellent traveling companion…and roomie.  He loves to cuddle and Gramma loves to oblige.  Here we are sitting in the grass outside our hotel room.  Eli couldn’t stop wiggling his toes nor would he take his eyes off the grass.  I wonder if he was concerned about ants in the pants?

We had a grand time walking the streets of Old Town Arvada.  This place has a way of enticing strangers to stay.  I started taking pictures of homes I’d love to own.  Why can’t pastors make tons of money so we could own vacation houses in all our favorite places?  Just saying…











Love was in the air.  The church was beautiful with its southern charm.  The bride glowed brighter than all the candles.  The vows made every heart ponder the miracle of love.  In other words, it was perfect.  Here is my fav part of the wedding.  Everyone anticipating the arrival of the bride.

1993 we moved to Chandler AZ and joined Corona Baptist Church.  That group of friends are still strong in the Lord and in their bond of friendship.  God is so good.

No road trip would be complete with out a great food.  So after  a few trips down the mountain on the Alpine Sled, we drove deep into the mountains to an adorable little ski town.  Beau Jo’s was our destination.  It was worth the drive, the cold, and the rain.  Check out the pizza and pasta bowl….yummmmmmmmy…guess which I ate?

And yes I ate all my pasta bowl (minus the meatballs, of course) because at Beau Jo’s the thick crust is dessert.  The rosemary herb crust, sprinkled with cheese, with a hint of pasta sauce is then dipped in their delicious honey.  The taste is sheer delight!

Anyone have a recipe that comes close to Beau Jo’s pizza crust?  I’d love you forever if you’d share.

Four days in the beauty of God’s creation, with old friends, my precious family, and great food.  I know it doesn’t come close to being in His Presence in Heaven but it seems as close as this earth can get.


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