A mind in isolation




The turmoil of the mind is a torment of the soul.


When the mind is in isolation it becomes a battlefield of clashing tornadoes.






You can do it.    You have what it takes.   You are the only one to do this.  You are the best.  No one compares.  You can’t be stopped.  Everything you want, you can achieve.  You got it all under control.  Don’t give up now.  Conquer, and don’t worry about casualties. 



Is God really here?  Does He really care?  What if I let Him or them down?  Everyone expects me to do this?  People will respect me if I succeed.  I have to fix him/her/it.  I don’t have a clue what God wants so I’m doing what I want and hoping for the best.  Bless me Lord, I’m doing this for you. 



            No one really cares what you think.  Be still and let others do it.  You should just fade away and let everything think you’re sweet and nice.  Don’t push any buttons or you may commit yourself to take a stand for something.



You will fail.  You shouldn’t even try.  Everyone is talking about how bad you are.  What will the neighbors think?   You are embarrassing.  That was just not good enough.  Why can’t you be better?  You should’ve been…



            Remember when you slept around?  You are an adulterous, vile, wicked person.  You can’t be trusted because you have sinned your whole life.  You lied, cheated, stole, lusted, gossiped, and hated.  Everyone knows or will soon know that you are wicked and weak.



            There is no hope.  I will surely drown in this.  I cannot win.  Death is coming.  I am worthless.  No one loves me.  No one cares enough to help.  No one understands.  I am a nobody.  Why bother trying anymore.  Why do these things always happen to me? 



I can do all things through Christ.  Greater is He that is in me.  He is good and everything He does is good.  His plan is for my abundance.  Faith can move mountains.  He will never leave me or forsake me.  Victory is the Lord’s.


Maybe you have never struggled with any of the above.  Maybe your thoughts are more evil.  Have you ever imagined committing suicide?  Or doing some evil to another? Do you spend time each day lost in your own fantasy world?  Imagining what life would be like if you were smarter, richer, prettier, more powerful?  Do these vain imaginations take on life, as you grow more and more discontented with whom you are and what you have?


Maybe your thoughts are controlled by lust.   Are your thoughts a reflection of the pornography you watch or read?  Do you covet the things of this world.


Finally, is your mind consumed with anger and hatred for others:  those in leadership, those who have personally hurt you, or those whose skin color or ethnicity you despise?


Whether your mind is a battlefield of worry, pride, self-pity, doubt, stress, manipulation, unforgiveness, anger, lust, fantasies, daydreaming, prejudice hatred or evil darkness, God’s Truth can set you free.


I had never known a mind at peace.  There have been moments in time when all was well with my mind.  But most often the tornadoes swirled.


Until, I began to deeply study God’s Word.  Yep, it’s that simple.  I started reading His Word more than I allowed my mind to churn on its own.  The more I read the larger and more powerful my ‘Spirit fueled tornado’ became.  It then had the power to obliterate all the dark ones that always felt like hundreds of Tanzanian Devils at war in my head.


Can anyone out there relate?


Somehow I think I’m not the only one who struggles daily to live in the fullness of the Christlikeness we have been promised.


So Wednesday I will share some ways to squash the devils destroying your peace of mind.



2 responses

  1. Evelyn Noweder | Reply

    I can definitely relate! And, you know, you are right. The more time I spend in the Word of God, the quieter the voices become. Interesting!!! Thank you for sharing this.

  2. There are many more just like us! Amazing how God’s Word fits us all right where we need it the most!

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