A Mountaintop Encounter

There is no better place to be than in the Presence of our Lord.  The fullness of joy is in Him.  His Word is where all the action is.  Nothing on this earth can satisfy like a divine moment.

For those who wanted more and did the scripture lesson from last week, I pray these truths became clear:

  • God is holy and unapproachable by sin

This was evident by the requirements He gave to the people to consecrate themselves and He commanded no one was to touch the mountain where His manifest presence would rest.

  • God wants to reveal Himself to sinful man

He gave provisions for which they could hear His voice.  Let that soak in.  God is so holy that a sinful man touching the base of His Mountain would surely die.  Yet He is so willing to be known that He allowed them to hear His voice and witness a spectacular display of His glory.

  • We, His chosen people, are to know Him through His Word.

He called the people to enter into a covenant:  He would be their God, dwell among them, protect and bless them.  They would reflect His glory and grace to the nations through obedience to His commandments.  The peoples of the world would see a pure, righteous, and good God as His children lived pure, righteous, and good lives before them.  The result:  the whole earth would be filled with His glory.  Everyone would marvel at His people and want to know the God of grace and glory.

  • The Bible is God revealed.

I have come to believe that the purpose of the Holy Word is for mankind to know and love God.  That’s it.  It is that simple and that precious.

Most people see the Bible as a history book to study and debate it’s authenticity to modern day readers.  Even many believers approach it as a means to gain wisdom in order to better understand their religion.

Others approach the Bible as a self-help book.  They bore of the tediousness of genealogies, history, and prophecies.  Doctrine is a disease to be avoided.  They want to read it so that they can find guidelines to make themselves a better person.

The more I read the Word of God, the more convinced I have become that it is a love letter from God to me.  As I devour its pages, I am rewarded with history, wisdom, prophecies, principles to live by, and yes, doctrine.  But when my motivation in reading is because I want to know and love this amazing, majestic God, then its purpose is fulfilled.   I will walk away deeper in love with Him.

The reason most people don’t spend hours in the Word each day is because they know there are countless other books that can give them what they want and those books are an easier read. 


By studying the spoken words of Jesus, we will see Him more clearly.  We will learn history and gain wisdom about His ministry.  We will seek to take His teachings and make them applicable principles for our daily walk as believers.  But mostly, I pray that we approach this study with the motivation of love.  Before you begin, simply pray,

“Jesus, reveal yourself to me so that I may love You the way You deserve to be loved.”


I am anxiously awaiting my grandson Eli’s first words.  Because we live in an age of advanced technology you can be assured there will be cameras and recorders ready for the big moment.

Does that thought make you wonder if Jesus had been born in our century, how much more of His early years would have been known?  I like to think His first word was ‘dada’ the English version of ‘abba’.

Read Luke 2:41-52 and you will see the first recorded words of Jesus as a boy of 12.

Why were you searching for me?  Didn’t you know I had to be in my father’s house?”

Today’s preteen would have said it like this, “Duh! You should’ve known I’d be here.”

I think God often says to us, “Why are you running around looking in all the wrong places?  I’m right here.”

Name some wrong places where you’ve looked for Him.

Let’s have some more fun.  Draw a map depicting your life and environment.  Place an X that marks the place where God is.

Oh, how I would love to see your drawings.  If you tell me about yours, I’ll post a picture of mine next week.  Deal?

Moving on to the next words spoken by Jesus.

Read Matthew 3 about John the Baptist and the baptism of Jesus.

In Matthew 3:15, Jesus said, “Let it be so now; it is proper for us to do this to fulfill all righteousness.”

Now He wishes to obey all the moral demands of God’s will.  To fulfill all righteousness means to complete everything that forms part of a relationship of obedience to God.  (NAC)


The first two recorded sentences reveal something incredible about His heart.  What do you detect to be the sole motivator of His heart?

Will you join me in a prayer to have such a heart?

Father, make us like Jesus.  Create in us a passion to be near You and obedient to You.  Let nothing interfere.  We choose this day to sit at Your feet, know Your Word, and live it out daily.  Amen


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