Because God said So!

Think Pink! is the name of a game I used to play with my students when I taught gifted education.  It was designed to even the conversation field.  In every group there are always those who monopolize the conversation and those who say nothing.

The game is played by each student receiving three pink cards, three blue cards, and three brown cards. The students had to use every card within the class session.  The cards secured two minutes of uninterrupted floor time which allowed everyone equal opportunity to share insights on the given discussion topic.

If they used a pink card, they began their sentence with “I think…”  Blue was for statements beginning with, “I know…” and brown was for those times when they wanted to say, “I feel…”

Are you one of those people who love to talk?  They visit my front porch often.  I have noticed that when they are sharing their problems, their sentences mostly start with ‘I think’ and ‘I feel’.  These are the pink and brown people.

But many of my visitors don’t even know what they think or feel.  They are overwhelmed to silence.  While others are totally pink people or draining brown people.

One thing is true when we are in a crisis; most of us aren’t blue people.  We could never use our blue cards because we haven’t an ounce of truth to share.  You see, Jesus is the Truth and He sets us free.  So the goal of our conversation is to find the truth and speak it so that we will be free from the crisis.

With this in mind, let’s move on to Part 3 of our Checklist.  In Part 1, we stated the problem and put it into perspective.  Part 2 had us reaffirm our salvation and who we are in Christ so that we could enter into His Presence.

When you stand before His Holiness, that is the place of complete honesty.  So take your time in answering the following questions.

Do you really want to be healed, restored, rescued or whatever fulfills your need?  In other words, are you asking for deliverance but purposely holding on to the offense?

Are you willing for Him to do this His way no matter what the cost?

Could you want to hold onto this thing because it is your comfort zone?

Because you like the attention you receive?

Or because you are terrified of life without it?

What if God said no and that you must continue to suffer?

How would you feel toward God?

What is your motive for wanting God to heal or release you?

This question is very important.  Why do you do what you do and want what you want?

I challenge you for one day to search for your motive behind every thought, word, or action.  Record these and you will most likely discover some hidden strongholds. (Example: I want to regularly call my children because I’m fearful something horrible has happened to them.  Motive: fear and lack of trust in God’s protection.)

There is only one right motivation for a believer.  Most motivations are rooted in sin.

Some examples:

I want healed because I hate pain.

I want free because I have plans for my life.

I want rescued because I don’t want others to see me like this.

Is there sin in your life that has caused this crisis?

Unfortunately for most when we are in a crisis, we can’t see our own sin.  We can’t see past our emotions and pain.  So let me help you out here.

Commit to spend time alone in the Word.  This will take more than a few minutes each day.  So block out some time and turn off your phone.

Begin by praying something like this,


Holy Spirit of God, open my eyes, mind, and heart so that I can see the sin in my life.  Search me, O Lord and show me any vile and blasphemous thing.  Do not leave any wicked word, thought, action, or deed hidden.  Create in me a clean heart.


Then begin to read His Word allowing the Spirit to convict you of anything that is sin before His Holiness.  These passages are helpful to cleansing.

Matthew 5-7

Ephesians 4:17-6:18

Colossians 3:1-4:6


1 John

This step in healing is to get to the truth of the situation.  It is imperative that we uncover all lies and deceits.

So play Think Pink! with me but throw away the pink and brown cards.  Take as many blue cards as you need.  Record all the ‘I know…’ statements that come to your mind.

Now match each statement with a scripture passage that confirms it.

If there is no direct match then consider the fact that you have believed a lie.

Use His Word (and a godly mentor if needed) to find a truth that will counteract each lie.

Daily pray that truth until you can say with assurance,

I know this is true because my God said so.”


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