The Raging War

“Satan is alive and well on planet earth!”

True or false?

I say false.  Before you rebuke me too harshly, hear me out on this. Yes, I believe Satan is alive and his domain is planet earth.  But as for him being well, well no, I don’t think so. 😉

There is a story told of a large boa constrictor finding his way into a home in a remote village.  The residents escape from the hut unharmed.  Yet they know that if they do not kill the snake, it will evidently kill them.

One man with one gun loaded with one bullet is selected to enter the house and shoot the snake.  The survival of the village rests upon his accuracy.

All wait anxiously.  Kaboom!  The man flees from the hut shouting as he ran, “The bullet exploded into the snake’s head!”  Success!

But the snake did not die an instant death.  No, for hours the villagers stood terrified as that snake thrashed about the hut destroying everything inside.  He had received the fatal wound but death would come much later.

The snake was not well, he was just raging mad.

The same can be said of Satan.  Jesus delivered the fatal wound to Satan in Gethsemane and Calvary’s cross.  He is defeated.  But he is not yet dead.

No, he’s just raging mad.

And the target of his anger is you and I, the children of God.

Terrified?  You shouldn’t be.  God has given us victory.

Not everything that happens to us is a result of sin in our lives.

Not everything that happens to us can be blamed on Satan.

Not everything that happens to us is God’s perfect will for us.

Stress is often caused when believers don’t know why things are happening to them.

The secret to the victory is in understanding the why.  The Gospels give us clues to some whys in difficult times.  Here are a few examples:

The storms in life can so terrify us that we lose sight of who Jesus is and all faith in Him.  (Luke 8:22-25)

A lifetime of bad choices can lead to devastating broken relationships caused by hardened hearts.  (Matthew 19:8)

Sin can so totally control our bodies that we are paralyzed.  (Mark 5:1-5)

Prayerlessness can blind us to His will causing us to react outside His plan.  (Matthew 26:36-54)

Despair in the lowest points of our lives cause us to question, “Where is God?  (Luke 7:18-23)

We live in a fallen world therefore there will be various diseases including leprosy and cancers.  (Matthew 4:23-24)

Demon possession, evil spirits, and bondages were the root of seizures, crippled, maimed, deaf, mute, and tortured souls.   (Multiple references)

Some ‘bad’ things happened to ‘good’ people for the glory of God.  (John 9:1-3; John 11:15, 40)

This list proves to me that my sin, faithlessness, doubt, hard heart, bad choices, prayerlessness, and despair cause much of my stress.  If you can relate with me and agree that sin often times is the root of your problems, then return to my last week blog and work your way through the heart cleansing steps.  Repentance can bring healing and a stress free life.

You will also see from my examples that we suffer various trials due to the condition of this fallen world or for the sole purpose of God’s glory.  We will dive deeper into these topics next week.

But today, we will focus on what to do when Satan or his demons are terrorizing us.  It is inevitable that he will attack.  Pretending he doesn’t exist won’t protect you.  To be honest that state of pretending means you are already bound by one of his strongholds.

Those on the front lines know all too well the forces of darkness.  Missionaries have shared first hand encounters that leave my bones chilled.  But let’s face it; the darkness is closing in all around us.  It is time we face the truth and stand firm in the battle.

Here are the steps I use to walk in His victory when an unexplained, strange, or traumatic crisis hits my life.

  1. I pray and fast.  Fasting is like putting turbo busters on my prayers.  (I’m planning a series on fasting next.)
  2. I repent.  I must make sure that no sin is hindering His power in me.  I have to ensure that I did not open the door to the demonic.  Repentance will close any gaping holes in my divine coat of protection.
  3. I clothe myself in His armor.  Ephesians 6:10-18.  I spend hours in His Word until my mind, heart and soul are saturated with His truth.
  4. I listen.  I wait until I hear His voice telling me the demon that is the troublemaker.
  5. I stand bold and firmly planted on His Word and declare aloud, “Get behind me in the name of Jesus.”  This step may take a one time encounter but it may also need to repeated as often as the attacks come.
  6. I believe!  I believe Jesus will do what He promised to do because I am His child who He will always protect.

I want Satan and his demons to look at me and say, “I know Jesus and I know who you are.  I see that seal on your forehead and you’re wearing the royal robes of His Kingdom.  That sword in your hand tells me I don’t have a chance.  So I’m out of here!”


2 responses

  1. Well written as usual! I heard Adrian Roger using that snake story once. Looking forward to the series on fasting.

    1. Thanks Leo, I heard the story first from Evelyn Christenson. It’s one I’ve never forgotten.

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