Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

August is my January.  It has always been the start of a new year for me probably because I want to be a professional student.  If I could get someone to pay me to go to school, I would jump at the offer.

As a child I loved school shopping for new clothes, paper, and pencils more than Christmas.  I loved packing and repacking my bag for the first day.  I loved the crispness of the new books.

None of that happens in January.  December ends and January comes with nothing more than a change in calendar page and learning to write the new year digit is more irritating than fun.

In August, we start anew with friends, teachers, and learning.  In January we grudgingly drag ourselves back to work after Christmas vacation.  We so dread resolutions and we ignore them in favor of a countdown to summer vacation.

No, I think August is the best time to celebrate a new year.  But it isn’t just because of school.  Fall colors in the Appalachian Mountains are a breathtaking palate of orange, red, yellow and purple. In August, the West Virginia weather begins to tease of fall.  Here in Arizona, we will have to dream about cooler weather for several more weeks and drive for miles to see a colorful tree.

Next week we travel to West Virginia to visit family and attend my 35th high school reunion.  I am so tempted to spend a day in Walmart so I can fill my suitcase with new notepads and pens for the journey.  I want a fancy pencil case to organize my supplies.  Should I get a three-ring-binder with labeled dividers for each day of the trip?  😉

In honor of new beginnings, I am taking a two-week vacation from blogging.  When I return, I will introduce my new blog design.  It will have a new name too.  This book is a clue.

The site will lose its feminine touch.  It will also be user friendly for iPads and smart phones.  And to really challenge my brain, I intend to navigate into the Twitter network.  What a journey that will be but I have my friend Edie’s new book to guide my path.  I will return on August 26 with pictures and updates from my trip.

I need your input.  Please answer the following questions so that I can begin this new blog off right.

Do you want the ‘homework’ questions?  If you prefer only a devotional on Monday, I will delete the extra “I want more” section.

I am planning a series on fasting for Wednesdays, are you interested?

Are the blogs too wordy?  How could they improve?

What has been your favorite blog or series?

Suggestions please?

Before I leave, let me share the highlight of this time of year for me.  It is the season my children’s births.  Andrew celebrated his 27th birthday this week.  Tori will celebrate her 30th in a few weeks.  August and September are my birth months of joyful new beginnings.

The years they were born, the world became a better place.  I like to celebrate them.

Happy birthday Andrew!


3 responses

  1. Oh, my, we are so much alike! I have said for years that I would be a professional student. Even if I couldn’t find someone to pay me, at least if I could find a free education. (On line free courses, where you don’t turn in homework or take tests just doesn’t cut it for me. I need the feedback of the graded papers and tests.) Anyway, another thing we have in common . . . today is my oldest son’s 32-birthday!!! I love my son’s birthdays, even more than mine! Loved this post and it just so clicked with my heart!

  2. Oops! Forgot to answer your questions. As I have already said, I love homework. So, I would be happy to have that continue. And, another way we relate, I always think my blogs are ‘too wordy’. Your’s, for me, are just fine. Excited to see what changes you have in store. Love to read your blog!!!

    1. Evelyn, Thanks! I am amazed at how many ‘twin’ sisters I have in this world. I appreciate your encouragement along this journey. I will continue as I have been because I love what I’m doing. I will pray that God uses our words to touch others hearts to love Him the way He deserves.

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