Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Before I tell you about my vacation, please tell me, “How do you like my new blog design?”

Girls, I apologize for losing the fluff of the old design. But it’s time to reach out to those who need clean lines and high tech features. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as I had planned.

You see I found a theme design I just loved. It sported a horizontal trek that reminded me of a road. So I naturally thought of Pilgrim’s Progress. Next my thoughts went to ‘fresh delights for the journey’. Of course I needed to change my blog name to match. ePilgrim was Mike’s idea and I loved it.

Everything was falling into perfect sync until the other day when I actually purchased the design. Many frustrating hours later, we concluded the theme refused all widgets. As strange as these words sound: bloggers need widgets.

I promise to conquer the problem, until then, I hope you enjoy this new look.

My passion and purpose for blogging is to share what I have learned in my journey along the pilgrim’s progress to Christlikeness.

The format hasn’t changed:
Monday: Devotion
Wednesday: Prayer Tip
Friday: Guess what happened to me this week?

So….Guess what happened to me in West Virginia?

There was a time when I thought someone 35 years old was ancient. It’s hard for me to comprehend that I have now been out of that arrogant youthful ignorance for 35 years. At my age, age doesn’t matter. My daily concern is can I get out of bed without pain and I live my life to make a difference?

I had a blast at my high school reunion. Most of us picked up right where we left off as if time stood still.

Friends do that.

(2 cheerleaders reunited)

In the midst of all the laughter, God gave me a special blessing. Our class president ended his opening remarks with a tribute to my book. He shared his favorite quotes and then committed his life to one of my prayers, “May God increase as I decrease.” Hmmm, maybe God can use me to make a difference.

We all love our husbands. But there is nothing like a girl trip. Girls just know how to have fun.

Girls enjoy good food in quaint settings.

So that we won’t forget the experience, we buy the restaurant’s logo shirt. If you are ever in Fayetteville WV, I recommend The Secret Sandwich Society. Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone I told you.

We laugh about the silliest things…a dog in the driver’s seat and a duck with a floppy headpiece.

We talk. Give us a Green Tea Latte and a couple hours at a park and life is good again.

But foremost, we shop.

Shopping is good therapy. It provides exercise. The adrenaline surge is good for the heart. The walking strengthens the legs.
Shopping stimulates creative thinking. Where can I use this is my already too cluttered home or closet? How can I explain to my husband that I couldn’t live without this?
Shopping builds friendships. “You really need that for your house.” “You have to buy it, it makes you look years younger.” “I’ll buy one if you will.”

If we have gained a couple pounds, if our sides hurt from laughing too hard, if our hearts feel lighter after sharing our burdens, and if our arms ache under the weight of our packages, then we have had a good girl trip.

I’m home now and back to the daily routine. But something’s different. I have new things sitting around the house to remind me of good friends and good times.

Wouldn’t it be great to live surrounded by precious memories of special people?

I think I’m going to need more girl trips!


4 responses

  1. I like the new look, Shelia. And how could I not like this blog, with or without widgets, whatever that means. lol That was a special trip and I smile whenever I think about it. Let’s do it again! and again! and again!….

  2. I am ready for another trip. You and Lyn are the best! Let’s start planning. I think Ireland would be good, how about that?

  3. Today my sister in law is coming to spend a couple of days…..and I hope we have as much fun and joy as you did Shelia.

    1. Sure hope you and Shirley have a grand girl time!

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