Control Freaks make Lousy Leaders

Mornings ignite beginnings.

This sunrise explodes with His crowning glory.

It’s been a week of new starts with fresh mercy and grace each day.

I prayed for more discipline; developed a workable daily agenda so I could spend hours in study, prayer, and writing.  The schedule required an early wake-up call.  Mornings are not my happy time.  But on day one, God woke me with an invitation to see His glorious handiwork.

One can almost see His fresh mercies flooding the earth.  What a grand week it has been.

We launched Kids Club with a Water Party.  Water splashed, kids squealed, and parents laughed, as everyone got wet.  It helped that we called in the firemen with their hoses.

I’m not sure if it was the bright red color, the steep vertical incline, the few inches of water at the base, or the 100-degree temperature on dry land, but something enticed me down the big slide.  On the first try, I learned to keep my arms across my chest.  Smashing an elbow to concrete is painful.  The second trip, I learned without my hands to break the impact, the concrete shocks the backside.  Ouch! But at least I learned.

Water slides are for the young, not the young at heart.

I learned another valuable lesson; control freaks make lousy leaders.  I wasted countless opportunities to mentor and motivate because I lived by the adage, ‘it’s easier to do it myself.’

That’s a lie from Satan.  After a time of fasting and prayer, God showed me I needed to let go of the list of duties I held at the church.  Within a week He formed a team of six people to share the responsibilities of Kids Club.  God never calls one person to do the work of six.

I now know a good leader forms a team, mentors well, and allows God to empower His people to do His work.  This week the church enjoyed new and improved bulletins, promo materials, crafts, snacks, and unity of heart.

Often times, seasoned leaders forget what it was like to be discipled by God for ministry, experience the hand of God calm the nervous anxiety, and to know the thrill of being used for His Kingdom.  We deny others these blessings.

My new blessing for the week, watching God take our church to the next level of ministry, while I cheer on the sidelines.


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