Servant: one who serves others

I serve.  Can’t find servanthood in the dictionary but the word best describes my life.  I go where needed and do whatever asked.  I love my life.


This week I served others with no time to write.  So today, I’ll post a photo blog of the highlights.

It was a grandparent weekend for Eli.  I bought him his first set of wheels and first pair of shoes.  Interesting that his feet where too big for the shoes but too short to make the walker go.

Sometimes, that describes my life, too.


Wednesday Tori and I stenciled the accent wall of Eli’s room.  His sock monkey collection looks adorable perched atop the piano.


Thursday, we painted her bathroom.  This was a bit more challenging.  I think I used four brush sizes to get all the nooks and crannies.  Notice the aspen trees again.  We love the look.  Don’t be surprised if they surface in another room someday.


Eli was a trouper.  He slept at all the right times so we could finish the projects in record time.  His daddy helped him out.


Today, Tori and I will shop for her birthday present.  My precious daughter will be 30.  Time may fly by but the memories are forever forged in my being.  (Plus I kept a journal.)


Tomorrow, family day on the lake.  (Thanks Ace for loaning us your boat.) I intend to soar, bounce, and swim making full use of the skis and inner tube.

Sunday, this old Gramma won’t be able to walk.



2 responses

  1. You rock, Miss Shelia!:-) Hope you have a good time. The rooms are beautiful, you are sooo talented! I love your “servant” heart.xoxo

    1. Thanks Beth! We had fun creating but mostly just spending time together. Hope to see you at church someday soon!

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