Fasting is Feasting

“I want you to fast beginning now and until the national convention vote.”

That was eight days away. Was this really God’s voice?

That morning I had studied in Matthew 6 where Jesus instructed His disciples on fasting.  Having never known anyone who fasted, this passage intrigued me.  I soon concluded it to be one of those disciplines Jesus, Moses and only the more holy saints practiced.

So you can image my surprise when before the day ended, I heard His command for me to fast.  There was no time to prepare. I simply knew if God said do it, I would have to do it.  Terror didn’t set in until a few hours later, being hypoglycemic; I realized fasting would require no food for eight days.  Did I mention eight days?

Prior to this time, I failed every diet plan. Self-discipline was not a characteristic I possessed.  Quite the contrary, I acted possessed if I didn’t get my needs met, instantly.

Determined to obey, I explained to a dumbfounded Mike why I wasn’t eating. (He later told me that he lived those eight days fearing that I would die.)  We were such novices to the power of the Spirit.  But eight days later, I could have competed with Daniel and his buddies in a biblical triathlon. Convinced of His power, I added fasting to my prayer life.

A believer immersed in the Spirit can know the power of fasting and prayer.  I often tell my classes, “Fasting is like adding turbo boosters to your prayers.”  The supernatural explodes when we trust enough to give up our comforts.

Fasting is not an option for a believer.  Jesus did not teach ‘if’ you fast.  He stated ‘when’ you fast. Matthew 6 puts fasting, giving, and prayer as the three acts of righteousness.  Most believers pray, many trust enough to give to the poor, but few trust enough to fast.

Fasting hasn’t always received enthusiastic followers.  When I started teaching on fasting in 1990, two accusations were logged against me: teaching falsehood and being anorexic.  Needless to say, very few people attended my classes.  A shift in the church has today’s believers more eager to know how to shatter the norm and walk in His power.

Read Matthew 15:29-39 and focus on verse 32.  The crowd had been with Jesus for three days.  No one forced them to stay and hear His teaching or follow His path. No one considered leaving Him even to go home for fresh supplies. They stayed because they’d rather have Jesus than food or a soft bed.

What would you be willing to live without just so you could be near Jesus?  Imagine without warning, Jesus coming to your town. Looking out the window you see the parade of thousands triumphantly marching behind His Majesty: each of their faces basking in His glory, eyes dancing with delight and voices singing His praises.  You want what they have.  With pounding heart you scurry about the house preparing to follow Jesus wherever He leads.

Make a list of the things you would want to pack for the journey.  You have no idea how long you’ll be away: three days, three weeks, or three years.  Record everything you can’t live without.

“Cash, cell phone, car with AC, clothing, and comfy shoes.  Don’t forget coffee, chocolate, and lots of water.  Should I take a camera and my computer?  I’d like a camper or a tent.  Will also need a sleeping bag and air mattress…”

A quick glance out the window, He’s nearly out of sight.  There’s no time to gather anything.  You must choose to either run after Him with nothing or miss out completely.  What will you do?


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  1. Shelta, I love to read you prayer tips. You are such a blessing to me! You are such a good teacher, I learn something new each and everytime. Thank you! Love you, Anna.

    1. Thanks so much! I appreciate your words of encouragement. Love ya

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