To Walk as He Walked

Jesus never allowed flattery to inflate His ego nor did He ever allow rejection to deflate Him.  My goal is to be like Jesus.

In Luke 4:14-30, I found three secrets.  Well, I suppose they are not really secrets. I’m just slow in discovering them.

Revealed secret #1:  Jesus walked in the power of the Spirit.  The baptism in the Holy Spirit immersed and empowered Him to fulfill His mission and glorify His Father.

I love the way Luke emphasized the work of the Holy Spirit.  The highly educated Gentile doctor meticulously researched before penning his two books.  In his Gospel and then in Acts, where the Holy Spirit blows in as the main character, he never missed an opportunity to give credit where credit is due.

It must have amazed Luke how the same Spirit that conceived the incarnate Lord, baptized Him for ministry, lead Him into conflict with Satan, caused Him to dance with joy, and anointed Him to preach good news, proclaim freedom and recovery to the oppressed, was also the same Spirit that empowered John the Baptist, equipped the Apostles and saved his own soul from eternal damnation.

A doctor knows the limits of the human body.  Luke knew only the divine power of the Spirit can make a man immortal until God calls him home. The Spirit’s anointing will protect us from harm, shield us from fear, guide us in His path, keep us from pride, and empower us to be His instruments to preform the supernatural will of God.  Wow!

Revealed secret #2:  Jesus stayed on mission.  He knew His Father’s will and He stayed focused.  Based on Isaiah 61:1-2, Jesus was to preach, heal, and ultimately set mankind free from the captivity of the sin nature.

Jesus had been tempted by Satan to go to Jerusalem to do miracles.  He chose to stay in the countryside and minister to the needs of the average person.  The people were amazed at Him for no one had ever shown them such attention. The Hebrew culture required Jews to worship in Jerusalem.  In their local synagogues they were taught the law.  But the leaders never walked from town to town and loved them like Jesus did.  Certainly no one else had the power to perform miracles and teach with such authority.

So why did Jesus go home to Nazareth?  Knowing that He never failed His Father’s will, we can then assume, His purpose was to announce to Nazareth He wasn’t just Joseph’s son, He was the Messiah.  But they wanted more.  They wanted a show of miracles.

Jesus only did miracles when and where the Father was already at work. (John 5:19-20)  Applying this principle to this scene, their lack of faith proved the Father was not working in their lives for miracles.  Jesus moved on.  He had nothing to prove to them.  He had only to obey His father.

People pleasers like me need to study this carefully.  Jesus did not use any means to win back the crowd. He was so assured of His mission.  He simply went on to the next town and there He joined where the Father was at work. (Luke 4:43)  This faith walk eliminates all chances for pride and rejection.

Revealed secret #3:  We, like Jesus, will find our mission in His Word.

Notice when John the Baptist questioned the authenticity of Jesus as the Messiah, a restatement of Isaiah’s prophecy matched perfectly with the works Jesus was doing.  (Luke 7:18-35)  The Apostles were given their mission and the power to fulfill it.  (Acts 1:4-8)

Paul heard clearly his mission and under the anointing of the Spirit fulfilled it.  (Luke 9:1-19)

Can we not also reason that God will do the same for us?  Until you hear the specifics of His call on your life, stay focused in obedience to the general mission of all believers found in Matthew 28:18-20.  We certainly can’t go wrong if we devote our lives to this Word.


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