Fasting is Feasting, Part 2

Your answer from last week determines your heart for fasting.

I pray you ran out of your house with untied shoes, unbuttoned jackets, and uncombed hair.  For in this ‘unworldly’ disheveled state you would surely receive an affirming wink from the Lord Jesus.

The heart of fasting is the heart of the crowd in Matthew 15:32.  Three days without food, fresh clothes, or comfy beds, just because they wouldn’t leave His presence.  I wonder, were there people in the crowd who left before the miraculous feeding?

Maybe some allowed their growling bellies to overpower their hungry hearts.  Quite possibly, aching feet and sore backs forced a few to retire to the comfort of their homes.  The Bible doesn’t record any deserters.  But because people don’t change, I predict there were some who missed the miracle.  They missed the divine dinner.

In the early years of my Christian walk, I missed far too many divine moments.  I am now determined to catch up on lost miracles.  How about you?

In the coming weeks, I will share about the power of fasting and prayer.  I don’t profess to be an expert.  Great scholars can give you deeper insights than I possess.  But they can’t give you my testimony.  I will share what God has done in my life to teach me His power.  I encourage each of you to share your own personal testimonies along the way.  We’ll learn from each other.

Fasting began in the Garden of Eden.  God told Adam and Eve to abstain from eating the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Oh how I wish they had obeyed this call to fast.

Before they failed, God daily came to walk among them in the Garden.  During this time, Adam and Eve feasted on the delicacies of the Garden.  They were filled with all the good things given by the Father for their pleasure.

This is what Jesus was teaching in Matthew 9:14-15.  Jesus, the Heavenly Bridegroom, Yahweh incarnate was walking once again on Earth.  The disciples had the privilege to feast upon the delicacies of His presence.  But a time was coming when Jesus would be taken away and then they would need to fast once again.

When God is in our midst, we feast upon Him and forsake the things of this world.  That my dear friends, is fasting: when we forsake the things of this world to feast upon the things of our Lord.  Fasting is the discipline God has given me for when I begin to lose the freshness of His presence.  When my heart is hungry for the Lord, I starve my stomach.  He rewards me with the delight of Him.  Can you imagine a more glorious reward?

One passionate testimony touched my heart from the documentary of the 24-7 prayer room movement described in Pete Grieg’s book Red Moon Rising.  Young people are creating these prayer rooms and are drawn into His presence for days at a time.  They describe an ache, physical, emotional and spiritual pain, when they leave the rooms after being days in prayer.  With passionate tears streaming done their faces they desire only one thing, to be near their Lord.

This is the heart of true prayer and fasting.  One thing and one thing only is desired, Jesus.

Are you ready to fast?


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