The War of the Seed

There was a time that I loved birds.  Now they are my worse enemy, especially woodpeckers.  Woody better watch out because I’m ready to buy a BB gun.

Every October we plant winter grass.  This year we hired a neighbor to do it right.  Now, I’m not so sure it was worth the money.   I daily battle the birds from my porch perch.

We’ve never been successful with sowing seed.  We concluded the only way to have a lush lawn is to learn from a pro.  The good news is we now know the right way.  The bad news, it’s more work than we imagined.

Before the seed can be sown, the old grass has to be completely scalped to the bare ground.  What had just the day before been lawn was now debris in the trash.

Kind of makes you wonder doesn’t it?  One day you’re serving a purpose and the next you’re in the garbage.

The seed is planted and completely covered by steer manure.  I happen to be one of those strange people who like the smell of manure.  Good thing since we have twenty bags of it spread across our yard.

The professional has completed his responsibility and we are given strict instructions on how to insure the grass grows.  It was about this time that I saw the analogy.

We’re given the seed, which is the Word of God.  Hope this doesn’t offend anyone, but the manure is the Spirit providing the nourishment for the seed’s growth.  Now the rest is up to us.   We have to commit the time, energy and cost to see that it matures.

Grass seed needs to be watered every two hours.  If we would be that consistent with the Word of God we’d have more productive lives.  We had to adjust the sprinkler heads to insure no puddles.   Puddles will cause the seed to wash away in some places and settle too deeply in others.  That tells me I need to stay balanced in my study of the Word.

Then there are the uncontrollable factors:  sunlight and warm temperature.  These are things we must trust the Lord to provide.  I guess without faith it’s impossible to please God and to grow grass.

But the real work: keeping the birds from stealing the seed.  Most of the birds would scatter at the clap of my hands or any sudden movement.  There were a few cute little birds that appeared to be deaf.  They only moved when I walked up on them.  The pesky woodpeckers, well they have no fear.   I never saw such stubbornness.

Jesus said there would be birds.  But He didn’t warn about the ants.  Zillions of ants marched into the yard and as I watched they carried the seeds across the road.

The war is on.

I tracked down their hill and Mike deposited a fair amount of poison.  Sometimes in life we just need to get to the buried root of our problems.  The rest of our time we will spend battling the pesky annoyances of the day that keep us from the Word.  Some will be easier than others to scare away.  But the battle never ends.

But oh, the rewards! Within three days, new grass was popping up.  Before long the yard with be a carpet of green victory.   But it’s really just grass, a temporary blessing.  If I would apply the lessons I’ve learned to my daily devotions, I could reap the eternal benefits.

With my new yard, I’m now encouraged to work on some other areas around the house.  I planted my winter vegetable garden and added flowers to my front garden.  I may even give the whole house a cleaning to match the new improved yard.

People driving by are taking notice of my yard.   I’d much rather them take note of the new growth within me.

Hope you enjoy these pictures of Eli playing in our tree and being named the youngest fireman for Morristown!


4 responses

  1. Enjoyed the picutres of Eli.I enjoyed the analoay of the word of God and you planting grass seed. Luv yu…. Anna

    1. Thanks much! I have to admit I love any opportunity to show off my little Eli.

  2. Just read it out loud to Curt.l.. we are nodding our heads in unison.. been there!!! done that!! I loved your analogy! so very true… when are you coming our way again!!! Coffee/Tea!!!!

    1. You are always so encouraging. That has to be your #1 spiritual gift. I will be in town again the last weekend of October. Let me know when and where!

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