Shatter the American Dream

The American dream assures all people the right to have our sandwich and drink anyway we like it and as fast as we want. Then we can supersize our order because a little is never enough.  Mess with that mentality and you mess with the American way of life.

Well, fasting shatters the American dream.

Fasting causes the same outrage in the church that praying in the name of Jesus elicits in public places.  We are a people who defy anyone to tell us we can’t indulge ourselves.  Go without, never!

“Feed my belly!  When it growls, feed it now.”  Has become the American motto feeding a generation of believers.

I totally understand.  I can be real nasty when I’m hungry.  I especially hate to wait in line at restaurants.  Is there any food really worth waiting for an hour or more?  It amazes me that people will pay $50 to $100 for a meal they will flush in a few hours.  But what is even more mind-blowing is that we will continue to stuff ourselves with food we know harms our bodies.  Why?

Overeating is a socially acceptable addictive fix.  Food has become for many a drug of choice.  We choose to eat when we’re sad, lonely, frustrated, or stressed.  We choose to stuff our hurts, fears, and worries with food.

Food has become a habit or a hobby.  Social events are planned around the food breaks.   Food is not a bad thing.  It’s actually a gift from God to fuel our bodies for His purposes.  So how do we know when eating has become an obsession?  When we are told we can’t eat.  Try planning an all day workshop at your church and announce that you will provide no food.  That strong outburst indicates a dangerous underlying stronghold.

God can and will shatter every stronghold.  We just need to choose to let Him.

For those who are ready to win the battle of the belly, let’s cover a few pointers.

  • There is no right way to fast.
  • The Bible doesn’t have a set of rules.
  • Fasts in the Bible range from one day to 40 days.
  • They can be total fast of no food.
  • Or you can do a Nazarite vow or a Daniel’s fast.
  • The how-to is not as important as the why.
  •  Remember, you are a soul with a body.  Not a body with a soul.
  • Your heart, soul, and mind have control over your belly.
  • Victory is yours in the Lord.

I’m glad God didn’t give us strict guidelines on fasting.  As with His command, “Deny self and take up your cross daily.”  He wants us to seek hard after Him not His rules and regulations.   A true seeker seeks God.  God then blesses with the wisdom, knowledge, and blessings needed for obedience.

God is far more interested in your devotion to Him.  So let’s begin by praying,

Holy Father, I confess that I have a stronghold in my life.  I love to indulge myself and cringe at the idea of denying my wants.  Will you fix my wanter?  Give me a heart that wants You above all things.  Show me how to deny myself.  Teach me to fast from those things that control my heart, soul, and mind.  I place myself into Your will fully knowing that at the end of this experience, I will know You more intimately and be fully satisfied.  Amen


Pray daily and begin to record His answers as He directs you in His Word.  Next week, I will begin to share how He taught me to fast when I asked.


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