A Patriarch is Born

On November 11, 1957 a patriarch was born.

Born Clifford Michael Jones, but known simply as Mike.

From Heaven’s perspective a divine plan had begun…

from Mike the passive, obedient, never-needing discipline kid…

to Mike the teenager kept pure from the worldly evils…

who became the devoted husband and loving father.  He had been set apart from the beginning for God’s Kingdom purposes.

God  built a patriarch who built a strong home.

  • The patriarch is responsible for the teaching of God’s Truth to his children and their children by word and by actions.
  • Like Job, he must sacrifice self to intercede for his family putting them in the care of the Lord and leaning hard on the Lord when all appears hopeless.
  • Like Moses, he must love the Lord above any other loves even his own children; demonstrating to the watching world that the Lord God reigns supreme.
  • Like David, he must have a heart of repentance and brokenness; a man who delights in worship even while others ridicule him.
  • Like Jesus, he should tenderly love his bride and protect his family even if it cost him his own life.

At his journey’s end he will stand before the Throne and hear,  “Well done faithful servant!”

That cheering crowd behind him, well that’s his grateful family.

Happy birthday Mike, Dad, Grandpap!


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