Countdown or Trust?

“But I can’t not eat for 40 days!”

Yes, I know the sentence contains a double negative.   Double negatives cancel faith.

The Bible does not command we fast 40 days.  The Word records fasts lasting anywhere from one day to 40 days.  The length depends upon the need.

Bible teachers often guide believers to predetermine the length of the fast by signing a contract.  The contract reads something like this,

I will not eat _________________________________  from this date ___________________ to this date ___________________________ for the purpose of _____________________________________.

I use this method for my scheduled teachings.  God has called me to a discipline of fasting as I prepare and teach conferences.  These fasts range anywhere from three to ten days prior and then during the teachings.

I know I will eat when my last teaching is complete.  Knowing when the fast will end can often sabotage the fast.

Our human nature begins a countdown to that first meal.  The anticipation, the countdown, and the planning of the meal can consume our focus.  Remember, true fasting is feasting on the Lord.   Therefore our focus needs to be on Him alone and not what we dream of eating when we can eat again.

For this reason, I encourage sincere seekers not to write contracts.  Instead, have the faith to depend solely upon the Lord for the time frame and the food limitations of your fast.  When you are clueless, then you have no other option than to be consumed with the Lord and the fullness He gives.

Which do you think is more God honoring?

“In 20 hours, 16 minutes and 12 seconds, I will devour a pizza!”

“You alone know when I will eat again so therefore, I am in Your hands, fill me to overflowing!”

You can trust the God who fed His children for 40 years on manna.  He can and will sustain you.  He longs to fill you with His nourishment.  You need only to ask.

If you are ready for the next level, then pray something like this…

Father, I am ready to trust You.  I come to You to meet my needs.  For this reason, I choose to fast from the things of this earth so that I can feast upon You.


I seek ….

I need …

And/or I desire …


Prepare my heart, soul, and mind to depend solely upon You.  Please make it clear as to when I should start denying myself from …


I will be faithful to this fast until You tell me the work is complete either by my witnessing the answer to my prayer or as You speak through Your Word.


Don’t let me fall prey to the temptations of this world. 


May You be glorified in all that is said and done. 




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