Kids do the darndest things

“Kids say and do the darndest things.”

Put them in costumes and they make the Bible leap to life.

I memorized Psalm 23 as a child.  Mike preached a sermon series on it.  Neither of these made an impact on me.  (Sorry Mike.)

But when the Kids Club kids dressed as shepherds, sheep, and wild animals acted out the Psalm, well now that, I’ll never forget it.

Everyone should play the role of the shepherd and attempt to make  sheep listen and obey.  Believe me, a rod and a staff just aren’t enough.

My young shepherd was instructed to guide the few sheep around the room and return to safety at my feet.  But along the way they faced a bear, lion, wolf, and snake.  Each predator determined to catch a wayward lamb.

As the shepherd braved the evil attacks, the disobedient sheep followed the voices of the false shepherds and scattered.

One ran and hid under a table, another spun in circles, while another just froze.  Poor little thing, simply terrified.  He couldn’t hear the shepherd’s voice through the ruckus and his own fear.

I saw my life played out before me.  For the first time I felt real pity for my Shepherd.  He has a tough job dealing with me, I can’t imagine how He handles you!  Or the millions of sheep just as ignorant.

Each week we dramatize a verse.  More importantly we learn how like sheep we truly are: silly, weak, defenseless, and well, just plain dumb.

Sheep have a tendency to cast over and need to be restored to their feet.  Imagine, they can’t even roll themselves upright.  Neither can we.

If they fall in the water, they become 300-pound sponges and sink to the bottom.  If they try to drink from rushing water they can drown standing up.

If the shepherd didn’t lead them to green pastures, keep their enemies at bay, oil their heads to ward off flies, and protect them from themselves then they’d surely die.  Yet, He does and He never fails to protect, provide, and guide.  He even makes our enemies watch Him pampering us.

The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not be in want.


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