AWEsome Truth

This week’s news reported two women whose jobs are in jeopardy for telling the truth about Christmas.  One, a teacher, refused to lie to her students about an imagery Santa and elf factory on the North Pole.  She taught a valid geography lesson.  Would she be fired if she had taught 2 + 2 is 5 just because some want to believe it is?  Public school teachers are paid to teach the facts.

The other, a news reporter, made an interesting point about how we are training our children to seek beyond their means by asking Santa for what their parents can’t afford.  Later she said in her apology that she hated having taken the magic out of Christmas when she said Santa did not bring the gifts.

She took the lie out of Christmas.  The awe is still there; it’s in the truth.

At our Kids Club Christmas parties this week, neither the biblical cartoon nor my own teaching of the birth of Jesus did justice to the AWE of that night.  But something sparked in one young girl when she said,

“If that were true, it would be, like wow!”

Her eyes were dancing with excitement.  My heart soared.

“But it is true and it’s, like WOW!  It’s the greatest story ever told.”

I have a vivid imagination.  Well let’s just say it, I’m a professional daydreamer.  But as hard as I try, using every fiber of my imagination plus all the fantastic special effects I’ve seen in movies; I still can’t come close to describing what happened the night God became a baby on Earth.


How does one paint the image of a mighty angel bursting into an earthly scene from the spiritual realm and only one young girl seeing him?

I can’t even attempt to put into words how the Spirit, a person of the Triune God, conceived within Mary’s womb Jesus, God in a babe.  How can our feeble minds comprehend all the majesty, power, and glory of God confined in a babe in the womb?

I smile, wondering what that ultrasound would have looked like the very second God passed from Heaven’s throne, split through earth’s atmosphere, and landed inside a womb.  Awe!

Fast-forward nine months to the birth.  (Of course that requires us to leave out more miracles:  the angel appearing to Zachariah who remained mute for nine months, Elizabeth’s baby leaping for joy in her womb the instant Mary and Elizabeth embraced.  Wow!)  But here we are, the night Earth nearly explodes as heaven invades.

A star is formed.  It was never there before and suddenly at the birth of the Christ child, a star is created to mark the event.  How it appeared I can not explain.  I only know that it was powerful enough to cause the wisest of men to leave their homes and give up their wealth.

Close your eyes and try to see yourself outside the city of Bethlehem in the pitch darkness of night with a blanket of stars above your head.  You’re instantly blinded by the brilliance of an angel whose voice is trumpeting the arrival of your Savior.  Before you can comprehend one angel, the sky is suddenly filled with a host of worshiping angels.  Somehow I believe those shepherds were given a glimpse into the glory of heaven’s worship before The Throne.

Yes, God had come to Earth.  Trying to describe the event is nearly impossible but comprehending why He came, well that’s where the awe is overwhelming.

For God so loved the world that He sent His only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

He came because He loved me.  That whole supernatural event was for me…and you.

How could I ever pollute such majesty with the lie of a fat man in a red suit, riding in a reindeer drawn sleigh, to bring gifts that were bought at the mall?  Blasphemous.

If the Christmas story is true, bow down.  If it isn’t bow out.  Anything in between is dishonest.  Rick Atchley

Next week:  Who is really taking Christ out of Christmas?


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