The Wonder of it All

A babe in a manger.

That sounds almost as ludicrous as:

God in a manger.

Yet both are true within the same truth.

That’s what I love about God.  He doesn’t fit into any mold.  He can’t be defined.  He astounds.

He does what we least expect.  He shows His glory where we aren’t looking.  Why is this?  The answer is not that God wants to keep us on our toes or completely confused about Him.

No, the answer is we aren’t like Eli.  Eli has no preconceived ideals.  I placed my grandson in the manger for a picture.  That photo opt taught me a lesson.

Everything Eli experiences is exciting and filled with wonder.  He files these wonders in his always-developing brain for future reference.  Somewhere along the way, adults reverse the order.

Adults stop developing and exploring.  Instead we start critiquing and analzing.  We take a new concept:  babe in a manger; and decide, “That doesn’t compute with what I already know, therefore it must be false.”

Eli took it in as, “Baby, straw, swaddling clothes, manger, cold dark night and bright light.  I don’t understand but I embrace it and someday will understand it.”

Oh, to be more like that babe in a manger.

I thought I’d share a few more pictures from our Live Nativity and electric light parade in Circle City.  Yes, go ahead and smile.  I do every time I say it.  Our little community of a few hundred celebrated Christmas together in a big way.

Here is our church family ready to ride in the parade, sing carols, serve hot chocolate and homemade cookies, pose for the Live Nativity, and give away Bibles.

The gang on the float.

The fire truck ‘lit up.’

A 6th grader’s float pulled by his 4-wheeler.

Someone’s truck became Rudolf.

Morristown Elementary School float.  Notice how the world depicts Christmas without Christ.

Our Mary and Joseph with cute sheep.

Shepherds visit and modern day worshipers kneel.

The kids enjoyed themselves as nearly 100 people in our front yard saw and heard the gospel.  May He be forever glorified.

Baby Eli after a long day.


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