My Family

I spent this week glued to my computer watching Passion 2012.  As the images and stories about human trafficking penetrated my heart, I knew God was at work.  Two things happened.

1,  I felt an overwhelming gratefulness for His hand of protection over my family.  We are blessed beyond words.

2,  I know it is time to fight against slavery.  Will you join me?  You can start by reading these sites:, or for Arizonans.  In the coming months, I will share more about these ministries as I research specific ways to prevent slavery, rescue the victims, and heal the wounded from this evil.

Until then, I want to celebrate His goodness and mercy.  I bless His name for protecting my family from the many evils of this world.  I pray I never again take for granted His grace to us.

(Thanks Tori for taking our family portraits!  You’re the best photographer ever.)

Thank you Jesus for our first grandchild, precious Eli.

Eli is the perfect blend of his mommy and daddy.  What a joy to see so much love…

…and enjoyment.  (Our daughter Tori with Dustin and Eli, a perfect little family.)

Ahhhh, they are so adorable.

and soooooo in love.  (Our son Andrew with his beloved Morgan.)

Our God has been gracious to us.  We live in the constant awareness of the wealth of His blessings.  Thank you Lord.  We are humbled to be Your children.

Father, make this family passionate for the things of Your heart.  Make us abolitionists to set free the captives and bring healing to the wounded.

May this be the year we see your mighty hand break the chains that bind.  I’m so ready to be astounded by your glory.  Amen.


8 responses

  1. Beautiful family. The baby is super cute!!

    1. Thanks Leo. We certainly think he’s a cutie.

  2. Count me in! I’m apalled at the human trafficking going on. As I watched Passion 2012, I thought, yes, that is horrible, but how can I be involved? It would be so great to be a part of the “freedom for capives” so Count Me In 🙂

    1. Great! We’ll get the church involved as well. You can motivate the women in our study group.

  3. You all look beautiful and so blessed…alleulia! Yes, God is shinning all over you!

    1. You are so sweet! Hopefully next time we are in WV, you and I will have a reunion.

  4. Shelia, Tori is an excellent photographer! I love these family photos and am amazed at the changes that have taken place since we were last together. It was so good to hear your voice last week. I will have to check out the links you mentioned.

    Blessings and love,

    PS. I have you on my blogroll on Heart Choices now.

    1. Thanks Debbie, I appreciate all your help. Let’s try to get together this month. Eli and I had lunch and breakfast at the Coffee Shop in Gilbert. I think you should join us next time!

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