Ending Well

Jacob is a man worthy of reflection. He was a man of many failures.  He loved the Lord.  He respected the covenant of God.  He knew he was the chosen son.  He manipulated when circumstances looked bleak.  He deceived when it suited him.

He knew blessings.  He knew curses.  He had much, then little, then much again.  God opened heaven to show him the staircase.  Later, he wrestled with the Angel of God.  He was dramatically changed by each experience.

He was hated.  He forgave.  He showed favoritism in wives and children.  He suffered because of it.  He knew firsthand the heartache of mourning a beloved wife and child.

His life is much like any believer of the One True God.  Not one of us is perfect.  Yet we are all blessed.

Jacob’s story spans 20 chapters of Genesis (Genesis 29-49).  Only Moses surpassed that much ink.  Yet when Jacob’s life is summed up in Hebrews Hall of Fame it is one sentence.

Hebrews 11:21:  By faith Jacob, when he was dying blessed each of Joseph’s sons, and worshiped as he leaned on the top of his staff.

He died well.  His greatest accomplishments were his son Joseph who was used of God to save the nation and his blessings to his descendants.  The last recorded words concerning Jacob, he worshiped.

I want to die well.  I would be honored to have as my epitaph :  She blessed her children and worshiped her God.

For this reason, I will use the coming Wednesdays and share with you what I’m learning about worship.  True worship.  The kind of worship that blesses God, who blesses me, so that I can then bless others.

If we fail at everything else but we worship God, we have failed at nothing.

Come, let us worship together.


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