We fail, but He gives anyway

Did Jesus ever get His drink of water?

In John 4, Jesus asked the Samarian woman for two things and as far as recorded scripture goes, He didn’t receive either.  He didn’t get a drink nor was He introduced to the current man in her life.

It intrigues me that neither denial hampered His work in her life.  Hmmm, why He asked in the first place?

Maybe to prove He is approachable and desires intimate conversation.  Asking for a drink would be a logical lead in since the midday heat would quickly parch a throat.

I don’t hear Him simply asking for a drink.  I see Him saying something like this,

“Shalom, I am not like all the Jewish men you know.  You can approach me without fear. Will you trust Me enough to give Me your firstfruit?”

Drawing water in the midday heat was hard work.  Her parched throat was ready for a cool relief.  Therefore, Jesus was asking her to meet His need before her own.

He asks us to do the same.  Everyday as we approach Him in prayer, He desires for us to give Him the first and the best of all we are and all we have.

“Will you give Me the first hour of your day?”

“Will you turn off the TV and focus only on me?”

“Will you love Me more than anything else?”

“Will you give Me everything you own?”

“Will you give Me …”

How does He most often start this conversation with you?  (I hope you’ll share your answers with me.)

Either this woman was incredibly bold or Jesus was entirely approachable.  She ignores His request and begins an argument.  I smile because I see myself in her.

Instead of giving up what she had, she demands more from Him.   Ouch, now that is the most common error we make in prayer.  Can’t we hear ourselves praying for living water or anything else He’ll give just to make our lives more comfortable?

We spend most of our side of the prayer conversation with the demands of our hearts until He interrupts us with something like this,

“Not only do I wish to know you but I want to give to you all I that I have.  I’ll take the water from your defiled cup then offer you living water that will cleanse your life.  All you have to do is bring that defiled life here to Me.”

The second request far exceeds the first.  Having our sinful ways brought into the light of day is painful.  Can’t you just see her head drop in shame as she cringes out her answer?

What is the one thing you never want anyone to ask you about? What is the one thing that would make you cringe?

Let’s you and I make a pact that the next time Jesus interrupts our day with a request, we’ll just do it.  We’ll walk down the steps into that well and give Him everything He asks of us.

And then while we’re enjoying His presence, when He brings up our sin, we’ll immediately repent in humble adoration of His grace.   For grace is what He offered this woman.

She refused Him what He asked yet He did not refuse to reveal Himself to her anyway.  I know He is good, all the time.  But I just once want to see His face when I respond to Him in obedience to everything He asks.

“Yes, Lord.  You are God, I am not.  That’s all I need to say.”


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