Dare to Pray

Christians want Bible study but won’t attend prayer meetings, while nonbelievers come for prayer and not Bible study.  Why is that?

Could it be nonbelievers are desperate and the only hope they have is to connect with God?

We had yet another example of this phenomena this week.

I was home alone, after dark.  The ring of the doorbell invaded my quiet house.  Through the front window, I catch a glimpse of someone at the door while another walks up the sidewalk.  It’s not unusual for neighbors or church people to stop by unannounced so I fling open the door expecting a familiar face.

Instead, I find a distraught stranger, no I think a better description would be agitated, disturbed, and panic stricken woman.

“Is this where the pastor lives?”

Before I could explain he wasn’t home, the crazed woman is in my house and a man is quickly approaching the door.  Now, I’m panicked.

My heart raced as fast as my visitor talked.  All I managed to comprehend came repeatedly, “I need prayer.  God told me to come here for prayer.”

Most of you know me; I can’t pass up a prayer meeting even if it does promise to become an exorcism.

She told the man to wait outside, I closed the door, and for the next eternity, yes, it felt that long.  I tried to catch some sanity among insanity.  There was a point that I tried to convince her to allow me to call 911.  Nothing I said made a dent in her ramblings.

I finally called my own 911.  “Mike, come home NOW, immediately, NOW.”  Fortunately he was smart enough to not ask why.

The evening ended with rousing, loud, and powerful prayer.  As Mike’s voice roared to drown out her shouts, I kept the melody with a constant flow of pleas in Jesus name.  It wasn’t the norm home prayer meeting but it was effective.  The lady who left and came to church the next morning was not the same woman who barged in my home.

We don’t have a sign in our front yard that reads, “Pastor lives here, broken people welcome.”  But somehow God broadcasts that info.

A nonbeliever doesn’t know enough to ask about the Bible, but they are broken enough to seek prayer.  They know that God responds when His children pray.  People who can’t pray find those who can.

Now this makes me wonder, why is it that church prayer meetings are so poorly attended?  I don’t have one answer but in a multiple-choice test, the answers might read something like this:

  1. Believers are ashamed to admit they don’t know how to pray so they just avoid prayer meetings.
  2. Believers don’t want to disturb their comfort zones to hear what God wants.
  3. Believers really don’t care to commune with God.   Bible studies satisfy their knowledge of God but keeps them a safe distance from God.
  4. Believers don’t believe God will hear or answer prayer.
  5. Believers just aren’t desperate enough to pray.
  6. All of the above.

How would you answer?

Crazy as it may sound, I learned a lesson from a crazed lady.  God is powerful and just waiting to show off.   I think I might put a sign in our yard,

Enter in if you dare.

Prayer brings the power of God.


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