Keep it simple

Question: “What’s the first thing that goes through a bug’s head when it hits the windshield?”

Answer:  “It’s butt.”

Okay, forgive my crude humor but I bet you snickered.

The first time I was asked that question, I started analyzing an answer.  I assumed the bug would be human and have fear of death, or sadness for leaving loved ones, or higher thinking skills to try evasive measures.

When given the punch line, I laughed.  It was a good ‘gotcha’ moment for my friend and it taught me yet another lesson.

Don’t always overthink things.  God keeps things simple so even a child can obey.

So now let me ask, “What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘worship’?”

Don’t overthink.

Did any of these words pop into your head?

Church, Christians, traditional, contemporary, choruses, hymns, praise band, musical instruments.

These are the most common synonyms to worship.

But maybe you are more poetic by nature and these images formed in your mind.

Sunrise, sunset, rainbow, rushing waters, ocean breezes, baby’s laughter,

Though all or some of those things may help you in worship, there is only one word synonymous with worship.


The only component necessary for true worship is God.  When The Almighty is present every responsive heart will worship.

Too often believers argue about worship style.  One group loves the hymns of old while another group can only ‘worship’ with modern choruses.  Many churches try to offer both to appease the desires of the people.  These churches are destined to inhibit worship.

Yes, I truly meant to say that church leaders with intent on making people happy have instantly squashed any hope of true worship.  Sadly they don’t even know it.  In these churches everyone leaves humming their favorite tunes, satisfied that their needs were met, and therefore assume that true worship transpired.

But scripture teaches that worship is a response to God.  Therefore without God’s presence there is no worship.  So you say, well God is always at my church.  God is always in my heart.  God meets me everyday when I have my devotions.  Oh how I hope that is true.

But for most, it is not.

In the coming weeks, I will share scriptural examples of worship, how to know God is in your presence, how to prepare our hearts to respond to Him, and the effects of true worship in our lives.  Along the way, I hope we’ll learn the mistakes we make to hinder His presence.  In other words, I hope we’ll learn to quickly discern false worship.

To a believer, worship is paramount.

True worship is a sign that God is truly in our midst.


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